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  1. Hi I am trying to create a small poster to include the "Black Arrow Forward (Small) from the list I want to change the colour to red but do not seem able to do this, I right click to bring up options to no avail and when I try to alter the arrow it disappears from screen & then returns but does not seem to do anything. I expect it is me but can you help please? Regards Brian
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    Thank you Yes have now got it Regards Brian
  3. Brian Morgan


    HI I must be a bit thick, I can find styles OK in Photo but not in Designer!! Can you help a bit more pleasee? Regards Brian
  4. Will you be adding preset styles as are in "Serif PagePlus 8"? or are they a download please?
  5. Brian Morgan

    [By Design] Assetts

    Silly me Got it many thanks Brian
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    [By Design] Assetts

    Hi Thanks for that but how do I put them into Infinity please?
  7. Brian Morgan

    [By Design] Assetts

    HI I mean the asserts within the panel. On previous versions there was a load of asserts with various symbols etc but they are all gone now except the ones that I have added from the document, hope that makes sense Regards brian
  8. Have just downloaded the latest Affinity and the asserts seem to have disappeared can you help please?
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    I think the printing module requires some attention. First I set a custom profile for printing but it does not seem to hold the information when changing. I was printing 8 pages from a 10 page publication and p[printing in batches off 10 for a total of 70. Each time I had to reset all the parameters to print the same. Whilst printing the last 10 it stopped printing part way through and then "One-note" appeared on screen I reset & continued printing
  10. When selecting multi pages from a multi page publication say print page 3 to 8 when I set the number of pages to print in the sub menu it takes a long time for the program to register the change and you think it is not going to happen. I selected the pages I needed by entering "2,3,4,5,6,7,8" is that the correct way to do it?
  11. I have a multi page document , how can I select which pages to print. I have tried putting page numbers into the print section but does not seem to work. I wish to print pages 3 to 6 inclusive and duplex print. I can print the whole document OK but cannot split it. Can you help pleas?e
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    Text Frame

    Many thanks problem was in paragraph settings Brian
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    Text Frame

    I am using Widows 10, 64 bit with Affinity Beta Publishing Hope this Helps. The font is Garamond Regards Brian
  14. I am finding that at times when I create a text frame the Letters start outside the frame, sometimes they do not, any ideas please?
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    Many thanks for the info. works a treat Brian I am on (Windows 10 )