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  1. I have the same problem and it feels a little bit like I got a stripped down MS store version of an otherwise great application. I payed for a "full" version. How and when can we fix this, without hassle and debugging and all the technical hurdles. i want a seamless experience! please Affinity, respond.
  2. Does full screen slow down performance of AP? It should run better right? I just loaded the same LUT of before in like a snap... Was monitoring system performance in window mode side by side. Thank you guys for the support! Maybe we are just strange fellas, me and my laptop
  3. Yeah, my machine is a mobile workstation. That might be the problem. I got a Thinkpad p51 with i7 7700HQ (which runs comfortably at 3.60 ghz in Affinity Photo [So not 100%]) Nvidia Quadro 1200M 4GB and 16GB of RAM all running from nvme ssd. *64 bits
  4. It is taking minutes before the window responds and the LUT doesn't show changes for another minute or two.
  5. Sorry, but since I got your attention: What would you say is a reasonable LUT quality level? Because the LUTs exported in the highest quality take forever to load on my machine.
  6. Ok, guys thank you for the help. I figured it out by myself. I created some more test luts, to recreate the problem, and I just remembered that I was dumb enough to call the LUT something like autumn 1.0 and the (.) messed up the file format...
  7. Hi there, I really find myself enjoying the workflow in Affinity Photo, and I figured out some looks that I use very often. So I decided to create some LUTs to be more productive. However I cannot load the LUT I created in AP. I am on Windows and when the explorer opens to select the LUT I'd like to import/load after clicking "Load LUT" no items show up. I really hope someone can help me out. I am on AP version UPDATE: I found out that giving it a name other than the given "Exported LUT" is triggering the bug. So any custom named LUTs are not loadable. Cheers
  8. Hey there! I know this thread is old but I stumbled over your post, while searching the internet for the same reason. The way I do it for colors in logo development, isn't exactly suitable for live presentations but useful for color combinations and ideas (when the shapes and layout is done and exported...). I use a hsl adjustment layer in Affinity photo where I control the hue shift for new combinations. Hope this helps. certainly not ideal but fun, easy and sometimes actually useful Cheers, Mirco
  9. I would also have good use for that feature!
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