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  1. Hi, Been trying to replicate your file sizes of if I am reading it correctly are 1-15Gb and cannot get anywhere near this - so firstly how do you know what size the file is if it keeps crashing as it works out at an average of around a 100Mb per layer. What file format are you exporting too? As a workaround have try saving either as Save or save as which will create an .afphoto file. Then close down affinity photo. Then restart affinity photo and open up the .afphoto file you created and see if you can export that one to what ever format you are exporting in. I use Windows 10 12gb ram Itel Zenon W3565 Quad processors
  2. Hi, When you use NIK plugins in Photoshop you get a button at the button names 'Brushes' but in Affinity you do not. Apart from this all the NIK plugins work with no noticeable problems on my Windows 10 Desktop and that includes the Beta versions. Does Affinity have any plans to allow the 'Brushes' Button to appear or is this a Dx0 problem? Any thought most welcome

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