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  1. Having real problems doing simple transformations of shapes in Affinity Designer. (Bear with me, as I am used to Photoshop and Illustrator, where I know how to do this). Scaling and sheering is simple enough - but let me give you an example of the sort of very basic thing I am trying to do. I have a book cover at an angle (half-closed book) - so a sheered rectangle - now I have a simple logo that I want to transform so that it looks like it is on the book cover. (see attached image). For the life of me, I cannot figure it out and I am sure it must be very simple to do. Anyone able to put me on the right track?
  2. Chris Gould

    Transforming shapes

    I agree that Serif gives more than great value for the price (this has always been the case from way back). I have been buying Serif products since my PC was beige. Plus - I really hate subscription models - so I am rooting for Serif and hope that they take over Adobe at some point. However, to do this, they really need to compete on the basic features at least. I really hope that they do so and win the endgame. I still use both Designer and Photo when I can (and will be getting The Publisher when it comes out), but at the moment I find myself switching back and forth with the adobe programs that I would like very much to leave behind.
  3. Chris Gould

    Transforming shapes

    Wow, really? This is pretty basic stuff - back to Illustrator I guess. Hope Serif get around to adding these fundamental features soon, as I really want to move over 100%. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. I have always used Page Plus for my projects - but wanted to see how the new program handles things. Am I safe to do this, or will I be locked out of the beta at some point and not be able to use the file? Incidentally, I will be getting the full program when it is released.
  5. OK cheers - I will stick with Page Plus - added advantage; no learning curve!
  6. Chris Gould

    Text Forming

    I love Infinity Designer - but there are some glaring additions - such as transform tools. To not be able to warp text to (say) fit onto a tube is pretty basic stuff. I would love to see designers move over to Affinity, but is isn't going to happen while such basic functions are missing. Serif should really prioritize this. I am looking forward to the day I can end my Adobe subscription.

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