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  1. Hello Callum, oh,that´s a pitty. :-( It´s very burdensome to make a Text look like a Bow or Fisheye with selcting each node of a letter. Cheers MaGie
  2. Hello, how can I transform, blowup, shrink, bend , bow etc. Text in Designer? In Illustrator there you can find it unter Effects->Warp Thanks for any hint. Cheers MaGie
  3. Ah, ok I will try it so. Thanks PixelPes & Carl. Anyway.... if I merge something, it will be not editable longer? Correct?
  4. Hi Lee, I select the target layer and prepare the perspective layer. Switch to the flat view, then I click the grafic text tool and start to write. After I switch back to original view, the text is´nt perspective. Tried also to select the target layer, prepare the perpective layer and insert per cut and paste the grafic text layer which I have created befor. Same result.
  5. Hello, I just tried to write with Grafic text into a perspective Layer. Regrettably it does not work :-( Is this not possible? When I place the perspective layer and take the grafic Text tool I can write into the Layer but it is´nt perpective after I switch back to the normal view. How could I make this? Cheers Gieri
  6. ok, thank you! Now it´s clear. Thought that all parameter must be set in the dialog of the Pathname window :-D
  7. mhhh may I´m blind :-( the default entries like 1x 2x 3x etc. in the first dropdown means 2 ore 3 time bigger than the original size? But wahts about the dialog of the pathname? How must I define the size which I want? Works "w" and "h" also in german version or do I need "b" and "h"? Who must I note the dimension in this dialog?
  8. that's clear and if a preset not saved global, no problem. But how can I export 3 different sizes (dimensions) of a layer or image? For example I need from the original dimension 64 x 64, also 48 x 48 and 16 x 16 pixel as well. I understand how I can export different file type inone batch but how different dimensions of the same file type?
  9. Hi GabrielM, I had already watched those Vidoes (some 4 times), but there are never shown how I could set a specific export dimension and label it for later use. I know it is possible, but how? Cheers Gieri
  10. Hello, I´m not clear with the Export dialog. I like to export an Image or Slice in several Dimensions. For example the initial Slice has a 64px X 64px dimension and I like also 32px X 32px and also 16px X 16px. Where can I set this otions and save it as Set to select them later again? I the attached dialog I can see the Variables and can drop them above in the path component, but how can I set the needed dimensions and Label? Is there a special dialog where I could set all of this and delete dimensions which are not longer needed? Thanks for any hint Gieri
  11. Ahhh OK, it was my fault. I have tried to move a quite small checkbox and the cross hair could´nt placed to the line between the noge. After I zoomed in, it works Thanks a lot. Cheers Markus
  12. OK I will try this. And what´s about the cross hair behavior? May there is a option which I must activate to move instead to draw with cross hair?
  13. Hello MEB, thanks for your reply. to 2. OK so I will use Artboards in Designer and "Document -> Canvas resize" in Photo for that. Cause in Designer are no Filters like in Photo but I can work in both tools at the same time by sending the file into each other, will the file be synchronized when I use a filter in Photo and switch back to the same file in Designer? to 3. I can see the cross hair, but I can´t move the drawed object. It just drawing again and again when I try to move it with left mouse button. Cheers Markus
  14. Hello Gabe, thanks for your reply. to 1. I think this questions is answered by MEB. I don´t need html code, I appreciate the preview windows in Fireworks. You can see the final result in two windows with the elected export parameters. FW shows even 4 previews with different .jpg compressions for example an this is very handy. to 2. OK that noticed, but when I open a image, for example this is 500 x 300 px, but i like to add something to this image, so I have to resize the canvas. When I only move the Image, I will hide something cause the canvas is´nt greater than the image. In FW I can click a button: Resize canvas to objects and so the canvas will resized automatically to fit all objects in the file. Sorry, it´s a bitt difficult to describe in englisch for me :-( to 3. when I draw a object.. for example rectangular, I can see only the touchpoints to transform it. There is no area where I could move it. Only after I select the move tool it works. So it would be nice if I could move it without to select the move tool. Cheers Markus
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