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  1. On 11/19/2018 at 3:39 PM, A_B_C said:

    First off, the new app icon looks a bit misaligned in the dock. Compared to other icons, it seems to be a bit too high.

    Secondly, I don’t know if you can see this too, but I cannot see the equilateral triangle anymore that used to be the iconic design element of your application suite. The new triangle looks like an isosceles triangle (the base being different from the other sides) rather than an equilateral one. It is too tall, optically. Compare (A) to (B) in my screenshot below. Can you still feel that (A) is an equilateral triangle? I cannot. It feels to tall. It is subtle, yes, and there might be different opinions, but I cannot help to see this difference.

    When I trim your new icon to the height of your old icon, everything seems to fall into place a little better (C). Of course, you cannot do this, because you need a square icon. So I think you will have to make optical adjustments to your design, rather than simply copying the angles from your old icon to the new one. It is subtle, but I fear you will lose the basic idea of your branding (visualising three tightly integrated apps) if you don’t make these adjustments.


    Never imagined someone else would care so much about the details... German precision I guess! So glad I'm not alone or crazy...

    Never hated the old Splash screens though, they were quite interesting and creative as well, IMHO at least.


    C'mon... Do they not look beautiful and interesting to you?!!!

    But the new ones certainly look pretty simple, modern, and professional

    On 11/20/2018 at 10:03 PM, Jethro said:

    I much prefer the old icon for the dock - it's more distinctive.

    The exciting thing about the Mac dock is that things don't have to be square (unlike iOS where uniformity makes everything look great - love your iOS icons btw). so opting for a square on the Mac feels boring (I'm looking at you Adobe CC).

    However, the square icons within the App (ie. in the top left of the window) works alright.

    I feel your triangle app icons look more professional.


    Yep, I'm a huge fan of uniformity, and really like that iOS requires all app icons be square (or squircle, as they're called)... Makes iOS look very consistent and aesthetically pleasing. However, I do also like that macOS doesn't have the same requirement, resulting in some really beautiful, interesting and creative app icons, when they're done right, with care and passion. The icons for the native Apple apps are a great example of how icons should be, elegant and beautiful. Unfortunately, most developer teams don't have the time/resources/talent to create the best icons, and most people don't seem to care (although people do appreciate when they're really beautiful). So many, if not most, apps and their icons tend to be hideous and primitive looking (although the newer apps do tend to have pretty beautiful designs)... At least they look uniform on iOS.

    But the Affinity Suite icons legitimately looked professional and beautiful, works of art, representing the quality products that they are. They were really modern and aesthetically pleasing, and really interesting... Not only did they cleverly and beautifully represented "three tightly integrated apps" (I honestly never realized that, thanks to A_B_C for pointing it out, Illuminati confirmed btw), I always saw them as representing the "A" of Affinity, while integrating the vector pencil (Designer), a camera shutter (Photo), and what seems to me like multiple pages (Publisher) in the icons, with beautiful shades of blue, purple and orange. The new square icons are truly boring, oversimplified and like several steps back from the clever, creative, beautiful and interesting triangle icons of the current versions. I really wish they don't settle with this new idea, after all, they're top quality professional grade creativity/productivity apps, and if their own icons are such bland and uninteresting simple squares... sigh! Modern apps ought to have a modern design and icon, and there's no point in making them square/circle when the OS doesn't require you to. That's what I hate the most, developers just do what they feel like, some square, some circle, some irregular... So inconsistent! Why?!!! My Applications folder, launchpad, dock all like like a mess! Hope they at least make all the Persona (top left) icons square as well, not just the main ones, else I'm gonna explode!

    Never liked the Adobe boxes (macOS apps tend to have such high quality, modern and interesting app designs and icons, and then there's adobe with their suite of bullies, breaking all rules, simple box icons with the app initials, no fullscreen mode to this day, and decade-old UI designs for all apps except Photoshop, waving a giant middle finger at everyone), switched to Affinity for their beautiful, modern apps. Never thought they'd choose to go down the same path. Shame... Sigh...


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