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  1. Thanks.....is based/traced on this crappie 3 mp phonecam photo
  2. Yea I played around with some different things...originally there was no moon...just the single light . Threw the moon in last minute and decided to leave. I was going to fill out the tree branches much more, but decided to leave it as is for now.
  3. Thanks It took about a day and 1/2.....still trying to get the software under my fingers.
  4. Kind of ran out of gas...so it was time to stop. No gradients, just different shades of rectangles.
  5. All good..... Having worked with after effects for a number of years...my first job was painful roto work... so the bezier pen tool is about the only thing I can control at this point. I've figured out how to do a couple things on my second one that I couldn't seem to get with the bus. Really digging the program though just need to keep learning new tricks
  6. Thanks all... I did it almost all with the pen tool and gradients.... now that I'm a little more familiar with the program I hope it only gets better
  7. Greetings, My first post.... I just downloaded the trial version on Sunday and finished my first illustration. I'm looking forward to hanging here around and picking up some good tips. Love the program, will be buying once I get back from Vacation. Cheers, Jollo
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