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  1. Hey @Callum thanks a lot. After setting the spacing to 7cm it appeared! Have a good day, Burian
  2. Greetings Community! I have to work on an isometric design. I've learned that AD offers custom grid lines, so I wanted to explore these. When I go to "View" --> "Grid and Axis Manager..." and have "Show grid" & "Use automatic grid" checked, I see the standart grid being visible. Nice. However, when I uncheck "Use automatic grid" and choose "Mode: Advanced", the grid goes invisible and no matter what grid type I select, I don't get back any grid / visual feedback. I followed a youtuber doing this and he got instant results, based on the Grid type. I can't see why it wouldn't
  3. Hi @Alfred, thank you for linking that post. Now the white line vanished from the .afdesign and the export files. I don't really understand what happened there, so I got to do some research I guess. Thanks!
  4. Hello @Callum and thanks for the mega fast reply. I was angry before and deleted the file. I tried to recreate it and of course this time it did NOT happen after the export. However when I turned off the outlines, the line is there again (Which I don't want). The .afdesign and the exported image are attached. I really appreciate your time! whiteLineSnapping.afdesign
  5. Hello Community, I've already asked that in the past and saw others complain about it, but there does not seem a real solution? However when I watch video tutorials from other professionals, I don't see them having the issue with snapping: I want to snap two objects together, but I mostly end up with a thin line between them. 1) Here you can see my current snapping options. Also I've created a black rectangle 2) I duplicate the rectangle and "try" to snap both together. 3) Once I let go of the mouse, I end up with the fine thin line inbetween the rect
  6. Thank you both for your answers! It'S a hassle to currently fix it. I will add additional shapes below the gap to "cover" it My takeaway: - turn on all snapping options - optimize shape creation. @gdenby i have further question: when creating the first half of the image, do you "close" all shapes or do you leave the sides snapping with the center helper line open and then close them after mirroring it?
  7. Hi! I am quite new to the world of design and I'd like to pursue it as a hobby. I found out about affinity designer and i LOVE it so far. However I've noticed q lot of times while playing around with it, that sometimes the "snap" does not properly work, or at least I might not use it properly and therefore always do the same mistake: Whenever I create a symmetrical image, I first create half of the grafic and then copy paste and mirror it to get the image I want. In 90% of the cases though, I end up with the shapes not being perfectly together and it results in a gap between the images.
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