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  1. You can create a path as you would with the pen tool, except instead, once you're done using the pencil, you have the "close curve" option. To see the close curve option, you need a curve clicked while on the node tool (shortcut key "A"). There's 5 options available in the "Action" section: Break curve Close curve Smooth curve Join curve Reverse curve Close curve should give you what you want.
  2. I think the only thing I'd prefer is a way to control the smoothness and vectors on a node and their length quantitatively. For example, right now, I can't create an exact circle with the pen tool on its own right now, since I can't be sure the vectors coming out of each node will be perfectly symmetrical. But if I could control how long both vectors coming out of the nodes are, I can easily round them. Right now, this tool would mainly be helpful for making face shapes for me. I can keep using circles to round a node, but looking being able to have quantitative controls over them would be much nicer. Imo, this can be done in two ways: In either case, I first click on the node, then for the left and right vectors coming out (assuming not a sharp node), I can either: Control the vectors using a value for an angle and length (ie. circular geometry). Control the vectors using a relative X and Y distance away (ie. rectangular/Cartesian geometry). Imo, such a feature could allow users to control the nodes and the vectors coming out of it nicely. My only issue with such an idea is that may add a bit of complexity to the elegant simplicity of Affinity Designer. It would be nice if this was possible.
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