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  1. Hey folks - it's working - used Troubleshooter. All OK Thanks Jeff and Walt for your advice and support. Keep well and safe ....
  2. Thanks Walt - "Setup Failure" each time ... I am now looking in to how I access the setup log (a mystery at the mo). Now located the setup log ... but I'm afraid I can't make sense of it! (Attached) Any advice extremely welcomed .... I will endeavour to contact Serif Monday .... in the meantime I am Publisher-lost Thanks again SetupUI.log
  3. Yes - Windows10 ... problem is that I can't even re-install Publisher .... tried updating as above .... always failed ....
  4. Many thanks - still trying - but still failing ....
  5. I have now totally lost Publisher ... had several fails for Setup for the latest version 1.8.2 ... and tried installing as Administrator, rebooting, hard reboot ... and finally uninstalling and re-installing - still fails and now no Publisher ..... I am wondering how I get out of this .....
  6. I have been having difficulty in updating Publisher - always getting 'Setup Failed' ..... Following advice I have uninstalled Publisher and tried to reinstall. It is still failing - now I have no Publisher at all ... disaster .... please help.
  7. Thanks .. interesting, when I first did it the settings and base grid didn't come through with it ... just tried again - so all ok. Thanks again.
  8. Is there a smooth way of importing existing Publisher files developed under Beta to the new Published version please? Currently when I open a file developed under Beta the formatting is awry and the master pages don't come through ... Thanks
  9. I notice that when exporting a facing-page document the exported document seems to be resulting a single double page per each facing pair - unless I'm doing something wrong. With Serif Page Plus when exporting a facing paged document, each page was exported separately so as to enable uploading to a printing facility. Is there a way of doing the same? Thanks
  10. I have resorted to converting the cut-out through the trace facility in design Plus - then copy and paste into Affinity Publisher - this seems to work PK ...
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