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  1. Thanks .. interesting, when I first did it the settings and base grid didn't come through with it ... just tried again - so all ok. Thanks again.
  2. Is there a smooth way of importing existing Publisher files developed under Beta to the new Published version please? Currently when I open a file developed under Beta the formatting is awry and the master pages don't come through ... Thanks
  3. I notice that when exporting a facing-page document the exported document seems to be resulting a single double page per each facing pair - unless I'm doing something wrong. With Serif Page Plus when exporting a facing paged document, each page was exported separately so as to enable uploading to a printing facility. Is there a way of doing the same? Thanks
  4. I have resorted to converting the cut-out through the trace facility in design Plus - then copy and paste into Affinity Publisher - this seems to work PK ...