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  1. I am surprised that you have not put anything related to this problem on the update download website. Some information on running as administrator may be necessary, and a reboot should be undertaken if problems persist would help people enormously, rather than having to search the forums for known problems. Or maybe I am the only person in the world with this problem?
  2. Noticing that version 1.8.2 was now available, I attempted to install it. I only downloaded the file once, so it was not a download error. The first time it did not give me any options for the location of the program (I use the default, C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo), presumably as it was already installed. The setup failed. That was all it said, no prompts about restarts or administrator rights. I made a second attempt by running it with administrator rights. This time I had the prompt for the location of the program, I left it at the default. The setup failed again. I then restarted the computer and ran the 1.8.2 setup file with administrator rights, and the install completed successfully. I have attached the failure files here, having renamed the files slightly to add "fail 1" ... "fail 2" ... and "ok" in the filenames. Hope this helps with debugging. For anyone else with the same fault, this is what you do: Run the file "affinity-photo-1.8.2.exe" to install the application. It will fail. restart your computer right click on the downloaded file "affinity-photo-1.8.2.exe" and select "Run as administrator" version 1.8.2 should now be installed correctly. Hope this helps. SetupUI fail 1.log Setup fail 1.log SetupUI fail 2.log Setup fail 2.log SetupUI OK.log Setup OK.log
  3. Hi, here are the two files requested. It looks as though the setup failed due to needing administrator privilege. I don't recall this happening before. I should add that another couple of programs stopped working, but the reboot successfully sorted them out, so it could be that my computer got in a muddle, as happens sometimes. The PC is only a few weeks old. Happy to help if you need anything else. SetupUI.log Setup.log
  4. Okay, this is fixed now. Did as you suggested and was fine. Many thanks.
  5. I have downloaded version 1.8 of Affinity photo but on installation I have a message that setup failed. No other details given. There is now no available version of affinity photo on my PC. The old version has been removed and I cannot re-install the old version (1.7.3) this also fails. Any help would be appreciated. I am running microsoft windows version 10, which was updated twice yesterday, prior to that affinity photo was working. Version 1.7.3 was installed and when I opened it this morning it reported a new version available, which I downloaded and attempted to install. The failure is definitely in the installation program.
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