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  1. Hello CJ Cal, Best of luck. As noted, in my last post on the subject, only the color profile change worked for me.
  2. Hello Thomaso, You are correct, it is not the only reference to the problem. It was the only one that I had found that seemed to offer a possibly promising clue to the problem. That said, I was happy that in my particular instance, that the change to the color profile worked. Also in my instance, the problem was not specific to a particular printer. The transparent background of that particular layer in the exported PDF printed black on both a Canon Pixma and HP printer until I changed the color profile and re-exported the PDF. Wish I had more conclusive data. Best regards
  3. Hello, I am having what appeards to be the same problem noted in the above chain of posts. I note that the post seems to be un resolved / problem unreproduced. The only reference that I have found that might address the issue is the following https://answers.acrobatusers.com/Why-are-my-pdf-files-printing-with-a-black-background-and-white-letters-like-a-photo-negative-q214562.aspx I will give the suggestion a try and report back if it works.
  4. I too am heartily tired of not being able to "destructively" crop an image. I do not care about the dogma of non-distructive processing. I care about function, and I am am tired of working around the religion of non-distructive editing when it comes to cropping an image. The option should be there.
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