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  1. Unfortunately no Home and End keys on my keyboard Indeed, I can disable the spacing adjustment with arrow keys and option in keyboard shortcuts preferences. However, I cannot find shortcut descriptions like the 3 ones I'm looking for. Would be awesome if these could be added (Linestart, lineend, word by word)
  2. I just tried in the latest release of Publisher on Mac and, indeed, these two already work: `Option` + `Backspace` -> Delete one word `Cmd` + `Backspace` -> Delete line However, `Option` + Arrow keys seems to mirror InDesigns behaviour of adjusting kerning. Which is configurable in InDesign. So, these below would still be great to have, maybe through configuration? Mac: `Ctrl` + `a` -> Jump to beginning of line `Ctrl` + `e` -> Jump to end of line `Option` + ⬅️/➡️ -> Navigate word by word Edit: I just found out that you can use `Cmd` and arrow keys to navigate words While this is going to be confusing, it's still better than not having it!
  3. Thanks for clarifying – I didn't know, this already works on Windows. I haven't been using Publisher on Windows yet, the list was just about the generic shortcuts I'd like to be able to use :-)
  4. First off, I love the multi-cursor support – brilliant move :-) Icing on the cake would be, if we had operating-system-like keyboard navigation in text boxes or at least an option to enable it. I work a lot with these shortcuts in the list below within the operating systems, but there might me more. It's awesome for quickly editing texts: Mac: `Ctrl` + `a` -> Jump to beginning of line `Ctrl` + `e` -> Jump to end of line `Option` + ⬅️/➡️ -> Navigate word by word `Option` + `Backspace` -> Delete one word `Cmd` + `Backspace` -> Delete line Windows: `Pos1` -> Jump to beginning of line `End` -> Jump to end of line `Ctrl` + ⬅️/➡️ -> Navigate word by word
  5. This is awesome, thanks! You don't even need to create a slice, because the image itself is the default slice. Unfortunately, there seems to be no option to keep the tiff editable (keeping the layers intact) when exporting slices. Maybe I just couldn't find it? There is a dedicated checkbox when using the regular export dialogue...
  6. Thanks for the hint, but I'm trying to get rid of InDesign... Oh, I didn't know that there will be an update for Photo to make it more compatible with Publisher – but it makes sense! That sounds mysterious and also very promising! :-) (Maybe we could resize and optimize images directly in Publisher – that'd be awesome) Cool, that sounds like the right direction. I was able to create an export profile preset in Photo, where I can also set an export dpi value. But how would I tell Photo to always export with this setting, once I hit save on the .afphoto file? Can you help me here?
  7. Hi everyone, I've been trying Publisher on Mac a bit and it seems that I can't quite figure out how to replace my current InDesign photo editing workflow when preparing for printing. Example: A simple CMYK brochure, in InDesign: Create layout with texts and images as they come from editors. ... Prepare for printing Do this for every page: Click on image Remember actual width on page (like 90 mm) Right click “Edit with... -> Adobe Photoshop“ Now in Photoshop: Press Ctrl + Alt + I, adjust width to 90 mm and dpi value to desired print dpi Further in Photoshop: Convert image to CMYK + do some basic photo editing so that image looks nicer after printing Last step in Photoshop: Save as tiff with layers Back to InDesign -> Replace image with extension, write `.tiff` Export with X3 profile or similar With Affinity products I have several problems here: I couldn't find an option to open an image placed in Publisher in Photo I couldn't find out how to quickly save an image as tiff with keeping layers in Photo so that Photo recognizes that I saved the image (it always wants me to save it in the proprietary Photo format, which I don't want because of vendor-lock-in reasons) When I resize the image in Photo to, let's say, 260 dpi with a width of 90 mm, it seems that Photo recalculates it to 72 dpi when I export it as tiff... It's really strange, but the images look blurry in Publisher afterwards, also in InDesign (and also the “actual dpi” and width in InDesign is completely off, although I aim for hitting it exactly in the resize dialogue in Photo). I couldn't find an option in Publisher to replace images by extension Frankly, I'm pretty open to change this workflow (maybe there's some automation to some steps also). I might be a bit oldschool with that workflow, anyways: If you have any suggestions on how to replace such a workflow in the Affinity universe, I'd very much appreciate that :-) I'm also thinking about keeping a Photoshop license, because I wasn't very satisfied with the images I edited for print through Photo, firstly, because of the aforementioned resizing problems, but also because Photoshop seems to be able to apply the filters I need a lot better (shadow/highlight + tone levels). Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Would love to hear about any hints or settings :-) (I regularly receive very bad source image, so some magic is necessary to make them work in print ) – Thomas