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  1. Okay, it's something at least. So I should paste text as unformated over an existing one and then apply styles chained by 'next style'. Although, my proposal with drag 'n' drop functionality would be a bit quicker, without opening text files from editors, highlighting all, copying and pasting.. I have some fifty files/articles per issue, it's not so much.. Yes, it's something, thank you.
  2. Reusing styled text frames My proposal: Let paste any text to existing structure of frames with styled text and retain its properties (fonts, size, colour etc. - simply styles). Divider for next style would be 'End of Paragraph'. My reason: In newspaper type of work you deal with multiple articles utilizing identical structure. Everyone of them has same style of title, subtitle, perex and then paragraphs of text. Drawing text frames and styling texts for these again and again on every page and in every new issue is painful. Best way to implement: Drag 'n' drop text file (word, rtf, plain text file, etc.) to existing styled TextFrame/TextFrames. It'd be fastest way probably. How it's done in Indesign: With use of 'Object Styles' you can format whole article with one click. Of course, function 'Span columns' is integral with this task in Indesign, so you're good with just one text frame for article. My proposal is not fully equivalent but would be great help for time being.
  3. Hi, I would like to add my 'why I can't use APublisher yet' to mix :) My common workflow is based on stable structure of articles. So I do need something like indesign's object styles: with only one click you can style whole article of text with frame border width and color and title, subtitle, perex and paragraph styles. It's probably not easy implementing this to make it into first version but I have idea how to do it other way around: let us insert copyied text or drag and drop text document to existing pre-styled textframe in APublisher. APub would replace original text by new one according to paragraph breaks and leave original styles intact. Wouldn't it be great?
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