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  1. I thought I would share my first Affinity Designer project here after the staff were so helpful with a few issues I had... I work for a school and we needed to put together a plan for a playground development idea we had, knowing that my prefered software Illustrator was out our budget I opted for Affinity Designer. I had to approach things slightly differently but I am now more than happy using AD for any project that will require vector artwork at work. The software was easy to get to grips with, the staff on this forum have been very helpful too (thanks guys and girls ). Below are the development plans we created with Affinity...
  2. Just a quick update and thanks to MEB for the help. My exported Affinity Designer project exported to PSD was not opening with Layers intact due to me using a very old version of Photoshop. I tried opening the file on a different machine with a newer version of Photoshop and the document opened up with all Layers in place as expected. Thanks again for the help. :-)
  3. Hi MEB Thanks for the prompt reply and the welcome. My problem is a multi-layer document being reduced to once layer one exported as a PSD. I was hoping I had just missed an obvious setting somewhere. Could I send you a link to the document via PM as opposed to sharing publicly?
  4. Hi all, Thought I would visit the 'Hello' thread to say hello :-) I am a longtime Adobe user who is using Affinity Design in a newish place of employment. Hopefully, I won't be overly dependent on staff for help and maybe get some work posted on here sometime soon.
  5. Hi Sorry to bump an old thread but thought it would be preferable over starting a new one with a similar title. I am having problems exporting to PSD too, as above my Layers become flattened when the exported doc is opened in Photoshop. I have tried various export options but not got the desired result. I would investigate the 'Threshold filter' mentioned above but am sure I have not used it. Thanks in advance
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