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  1. Hello, a few months later the problem is always identical. The shortcut "open in affinity photo" is not working on my iPad. It works fine with others. Does somebody know a solution except use Pixelmator, Polarr or Photoshop Express instead. Thank's
  2. Thank's for the help. It works fine changing the application shortcut to Pixelmator, Polarr or Photoshop Express. It doen't work with Affinity, ACDSee, Lightroom, Retouch. Those last applications are directly working when you are on the picture so the shortcut is not necessary but it was to try ... so for me it does not work ! Well, it doen't matter. What you propose if fine and clever but the real problem is that Affinity Photo is not in the upper line, close to Pixelmator, Polarr, Photoshop ... directly usable on the picture. And the other problem would be to propose the choice to save on the original or to save a copy. It is so basic ! Perhaps too simple for the great guys of the Affinity Developper Team. I spent so much time and money on these very small problems that I delete Affinity from my iPad, definitly.
  3. Hello, The shortcut is not working on my iPad Pro 12.9 avec OS 13.1.3. A few month ago it was working fine when Paul Mudditt explained the same process. But now I tried with the Mudditt method and using your link and I have always the same answer. It is in French but it means that this is a wrong format and that Photo is not installed !! (I deleted and reinstalled Affinity Photos twice without result). Do you have an explanation ? Thanks,
  4. Hello ErrkaPetti, I don't understand "A lot of BS". But you don't use Affinity on iPad with an iCloud Photos total of 40000 pictures. Right we can try again : I want to review and perhaps modify the 20 pictures of my Paris travel on the 21 of july 2016. I am on the album in Photos. First picture I want to modify something. But Affinity is not in the modify menu (Pixelmator Pro is in). So I close Photos and open Affinity. I choose find in Photos. There I cannot find any photo because the album Paris july 2017 is somewhere but there are a total of 4872 albums and I cannot spend 2 hours to find. With Pixelmator everything is in the same order than in Photos and I can easily find the folder 2017 after 2016 and before 2018. Inside July is after June and so on. But if, by chance, I find July 2017 in Affinity and use the wonderfull Affinity program there is always a problem. Because Affinity don't save the picture on the original. It save a new picture somewhere and then must move it in the Album and delete the original which is definiteluy lost. With pixelmator no problem you modify the original and you can reverse. This is for only one picture. But my work is to change many pictures. So it is absolutely impossible to use the marvelous iPad affinity program in my case. But I agree that if you want to play with a picture with Affinity on the iPad it is the best program. This is not my purpose.
  5. No, there is no solution to this very simple problem because they don't want to solve it (18 months to ask this without any response). So, leave Affinity and buy Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro. It do the job and answer to the problem. After a few days you will see that you don't need Affinity at all. Affinity is certainly better but not for iPad users.
  6. Hello, Is it possible to overwrite a picture modified with Affinity for iPad in Photos ? Thank's, Teddy
  7. I agree with you Affiniy developpers work well on Picture improvement but they don't understand that we need to find picture before. On Affinity for iPad you cannot easily find a picture. If you use Photos you can order picture in Albums and you can order Albums in Files. But Affinity don't show Files. It shows Albums but without order. Pixelmator is very easy to use because it keeps Photos organisation with Files and Albums in good order.
  8. Agree with you. When you have many pictures you need to replace the original picture and not to duplicate it. And you must be able to revert to original in Photos. Pixelmator do this very well on Mac and on iPad. Affinity cannot do it on iPad.
  9. Oh, excuse me Paul I did not look at your videos. It is a very great idea and it works fine ! But, at the end, how do you save it in Photo ? Thank's a lot
  10. Thank's a lot Paul for the help but I have no Mac. I am working on iPad and this is an "Affinity Phot in iPad" topic. I know that extension works on Mac. On iPad it seems to be the same but it is not. We need to quit Photos, to open a picture in Affinity, to modify it, to save it and to import it in Photos. Ugly !
  11. Thanks a lot MEB but I am in the iPad Suggestions for Affinity Photos forum. I think that you are speaking about Affinity Photos desktop for Mac. I works on iPad and want to find a solution with Affinity for iPad. But perhaps I missed something ...
  12. New on Affinity Photo I would like to modify some pictures of my "Photos" database and save it in the database without duplicate it. If an "Affinity Photo extension" in Photos was implemented it would be perfect but it does not exist. Thanks for your help.
  13. Same for me. I posted the same question 1 hour later. It is incredible that it is not implemented on iPad because it has been often asked by users. I wanted to buy Affinity desktop with Photos on my Mac and iPad instead of renting Lightroom and Photoshop but this specific problem can change my wish.
  14. There is no "Affinity Photo extension" in "Photos". I bought it for iPad yesterday and I am so disappointed not to see it in Photos. Is it expected to implement this extension as it existe in the Mac desktop version of Affinity ? In the present state I will never use this software. Affinity needs to have the same tools on mobile and desktop application. I plan to buy the Mac desktop version when this specific point, often asked by users, will be improved.
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