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  1. My reason for making this request in the first place is that I am anxious to get rid of Photoshop. The only thing I use it for now, is importing from a scanner. Since having Affinity Photo, It's very rare that I even think about using Photoshop. So, if the guys at Affinity, can see their way clear to adding this facility sometime in the future, it would be great. Until I started looking at this, I didn't realise so many users were of a similar mind.
  2. Are there any plans to add an 'Import from Scanner' interface? Or is it there and I haven't found it yet. Looking to do this in Photo and Designer.
  3. When I use the crop tool in version 1.7.0 I found the that 'Absolute size' works better than 1.6.x Is there any way I can change my settings in the Crop interface, to resize my document to inches as the default? instead of pixels. I have searched in 'Preferences' but I can't readily see anything in there to change that setting.
  4. In the previous version of Affinity Photo (1.6) I did install all seven elements of the Nik collection I find in version 1.7.0 on Windows that only 2 are now available although the other 5 are listed they are 'greyed out'
  5. Hi again stoker, It seems I have solved it myself by checking 'Hide Studio, then it's all singing and dancing again. Thanks for coming back
  6. Hi Stokerg I can go into view - studio etc, and the layers and colours are checked as on, but the whole studio panel is locked Any ideas?
  7. Does anybody out there know where I can find the Layers Panel and the Colour wheel in Designer. I hasten to add, that I know where it should be. Are they hiding somewhere that I haven't discovered yet?