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  1. I was following the instructions at this site: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Coloring-Book/ I was merging down layers as I did each step and that seemed to take a really long time once I had a few artboards. Then, saving after that took an extremely long time. I did 16 images and the file is over 400 MB and fails to upload. Seems like the file is way too large for that.
  2. Here is a video displaying the issue. B8F859EB-2327-4506-AE30-959D2036E0F2.MP4
  3. I was making a document with 11 artboards of images. I added 5 more with changes and then when I got out of the document it was taking multiple minutes to save. So, I quit the app and relaunched and all my 5 artboards are gone. What is taking so long to save? Is it trying to upload it to iCloud? If so, it should save it locally first so I don’t lose it and upload to iCloud in the background. I shouldn’t have to wait that long just to not lose my work.
  4. I’m following the steps in this article to make changes to a photo: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Coloring-Book/ I’m doing it one at a time to about 12 photos. After I apply the black and white adjustment, I select the layers and tap merge selected. This was fast when I was working on just 1 photo but once I had a few artboards with photos, it started taking numerous seconds which seems odd to me. Also, the canvas doesn’t show the right thing sometimes. It starts getting very buggy when I have numerous artboards.
  5. When trying to place an image from my photos library, the scroll performance the view to select an album, completely unusable. As I’m scrolling, the entire UI will completely freeze and start moving again about 1 second or more later. This is exacerbated by the fact that recent albums I’ve made have been pushed all the way to the bottom of the list. The organization of this view really need to be redone. My albums I’ve created should be separate from the old albums that came over as the events from an iPhoto migration. You can see how other apps deal with this.
  6. You’re right. I think I had been using the iOS preview as a test which wasn’t accurate. This works correctly. The one I exported that was wrong I must’ve rotated accidentally st some point. I tried just now with both my fingers and the Apple Pencil and it worked fine. Thank you so much for all your help! I look forward to your DAM solution so I can start doing full photo editing on my iPad instead of still relying on Aperture.
  7. This even happened when I created a new one from scratch though. Can you check into if here is maybe an issue with rectangle creation or something where it may rotate it? Maybe when you type in specific measurements in the transform studio. I never purposely rotated it and I did it from scratch numerous times in different documents @Leigh
  8. Personally, I’m just went back to using Aperture, because I love it’s features and I was very dissatisfied with Lightroom. Of course, it’s a dead product. But I’d love to see Affinity tackle this, because I’ve been very impressed with Affinity Designer so far. The things I love from Aperture are the ability to select multiple images and easily compare them quickly to sort through multiple shots. Also, the loop tool is great for inspecting photos for detail.
  9. Thanks so much for all your detail @Leigh. I conferred with my designer friend and we inspected your artboard in Sketch and you're right. The iOS previewing mechanism is blurring it for some reason, but it is definitely correct! Now, the question is why is it rotated that small amount? I'm assuming that's a bug in the app that you guys will have to fix? Is there a workaround from only having the iOS app for me to deal with that now?
  10. @Leigh I just took the PNG that you attached to your last post and imported it into AFD and if you zoom A LOT you still see the issue. It’s not fixed. Here is an attached video demonstrating this. 21A560FA-1BD7-48ED-A985-B180C56B5288.MP4
  11. I tried the updated file you sent. I exported as a PNG and it still had the same blurring on the same edges. @Leigh
  12. Metronome.afdesignThis is the AFD file that created this.
  13. I just took the PNG exported that shows as blurry in the iOS preview and opened it in Preview on the Mac. Though it doesn't appear blurry at first glance, take a look at the attached screenshot where you can still see that it's not aligned on the pixel perfectly. This will look like a blur on iOS and is not acceptable for iOS asset design. As you can see in the video I posted, if you zoom in A LOT in AFD on iPad and switch do the split with pixel preview, you can see it's off by a bit. The easiest thing to check was that I exported an SVG instead of a PNG and gave it to a friend with Sketch. When they brought it in, they found that the lines were drawn on numbers like 151.99 instead of 152, which is what I was talking about in my first post of the thread. I never bought Sketch, because I wanted to use AFD instead, so I can't do the test easily.
  14. Great thanks. Even just an admission that it’s an issue that can’t be fixed with the type of infrastructure you use or if it’s a bug that you plan on fixing.
  15. I posted about an issue on iPad where I can’t get pixel-perfect drawings. I want to know if that will be fixed and if it works on Mac. If so, I would consider buying the Mac version during your sale. Otherwise, I will not purchase it. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/71510-pixel-perfect-drawing-not-possible/
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