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    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.1

    Arrowheads - at last! Thank you, thank you, thank you...
  2. Where are the line arrowheads? It's been at least 4 years now since they were mentioned in the development road map... Actually, I think that line start and finish symbols (not just arrow heads) should be implemented in the same way as in Microsoft Visio where you can select what appears at the start and end of a line. A lot of diagrams call for symbols (ie an open circle) at the start of the line. Others call for crow feet, diamonds as well as filled in/outline arrow heads Also, the lines should be able to be attached to a shape and move with that shape when the shape is re-positioned. If you REALLY want to up the ante then it should be possible to edit/add to the list of symbols by including your own designs. If this sort of functionality can be implemented then Designer would double its usefulness as I can then drop using all the other drawing packages I have to use and only use Affinity Designer.