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  1. Every now & then when I'm changing brush size using the hotkeys + mouse it'll change to this and get stuck like that. Not sure why it does that or how to revert to changing brush size again. Have to exit Affinity each time it happens. How do I avoid it going into this mode - all I want is to keep it changing brush size.
  2. Another quick example of Refine not working great. Starting with this image: Selection brush gives me this: So I go into refine, do the thing... And I'm left with a mess... And this is why I never use refine. Because it almost always frustrates me with the result and I end up doing it manually. Am I missing something obvious here in the Refine settings?
  3. Please can you change it so that when I click ''SWAP'', the labels After & Before also change. Also I've got no idea why you put After on the left and Before on the right - it's so counter-intuitive that way. I'd like Before on the left and After on the right, and even though I can achieve that with the SWAP button, the labels don't change.
  4. Please could you consider adding an eyedropper tool and access to a different color picker? It's so arbitrary how Recolor can't grab colors from elsewhere and how it uses it's own color slider instead of the default color picker I'm using. I'm often using Recolor to get a layer to match the color of something else in the workspace and it's wierd how I have to eyeball the color I'm aiming at instead of just being able to pick it.
  5. Same. I like the idea of a refinement tool - but it's not nearly consistent enough, it almost always produces undesirable results for me.
  6. Bumping this. Is there a way to disable the toggle / cycling behavior? I want B to be for Paintbrush and nothing else but it keeps cycling to another tool. Edit: Found it :). https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/81249-solved-option-to-disable-returning-to-previous-tool-than-pressing-on-tool-key-second-time-there-is-already-such-option/
  7. Affinity Photo Previous versions allowed adjusting font stroke width. Can't find that option anymore. Am I missing something?
  8. Affinity Photo Two questions: 1.) Is there a reason shapes can't be drawn directly into the layer mask layer? Like if I wanted both a square and a circle acting as a layer mask for just one layer - it would be nice to have that square and circle simultaneously as shape elements on a mask layer so that they could be moved around / scaled etc. 2.) If I use a shape as a layer mask, I can't seem to invert the mask? See the attached image: I want the circle to act as a mask that allows me to see through the gun, but even if I make the circle black first, it doesn't seem to work.
  9. Ah cool : Tools - Use Shift to cycle.... Nice, thanks.
  10. Have been using Affinity Photo for more painting and one of the things frustrating me is the way hotkeys toggle between two tools / the previous tool used. The point of hotkeys is to speed up the process - when i hit 'B' all I want to know is my brush is selected. And yet I find myself regularly hitting B and starting with the eraser or something else I don't want. Pulls me out of the flow. Any way to resolve this / plans to provide a toggle to enable/disable this?
  11. I use the mouse to click & drag values a lot. Like layer opacity for example, but the problem is that my cursor hits the edge of my display before the value hits its min or max value. So If I have a 30% layer opacity and click and drag the opacity value to the right to increase it to 100%, I hit the screen edge at say 70%, then have to repeat the operation to get to 100%. Would be a whole lot easier to allow the mouse to keep moving past the edge of the screen and re-appear at the opposite edge. So the screen edges are 'connected' and allow to drag the value to it's min or max without being hindered by an arbitrary constraint like a screen edge. Feature is available is quite a lot of software, would be nice to see it here.
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