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  1. Make the active file tab a colour in the Context UI? Wow, radical, man!! Like the Professor said, "There's design and then there is usable design." 🎯 Cheers.
  2. It makes very little difference. I have a better suggestion. Pls see attached.
  3. Win 7, Aff Photo, v, LG W2442PA I used to use the Light UI but have switched to the Dark UI. With the Light UI I could easily tell from the Context Toolbar which file I was working on when I had two files up with identical images. With the Dark UI it is nearly impossible for me to tell at a glance which file I have up. It makes no difference if the ambient light in my studio is high or low. Could you make the Context Toolbar of the file that's on the screen in the Dark mode a significantly lighter shade of grey? That would be a great help, even more so when I am mucking around with three or more files open.
  4. I use this approach to vignette the corners of photos, subtly, of course. Sometimes the vignette centre is not dead centre. Now I have to play around with "Refine" to get the feathering I want. I'l need to watch a tutorial on that. Life is one long learning process, isn't it? Anyway, this passes the time in these strange times. I ordered the Photo Book, BTW. Hope it's up to date. A tutorial on Clipping and Masking I watched last night seemed not to be. Maybe it was a MAC/PC thing. Anyway, I thank anyone in the Forum who has helped me. Especially you, Walt. You are always there. Cheers, Mate.
  5. OK, I found it. The second lasso from the top, group arrow. Yes, It's quicker. Your other scenario worked, too. Thanks.
  6. I have no Marquee Selection Tools that I can see. What I can see is below.
  7. What is the Elliptical Marquee Selection Tool ? I've always drawn an ellipse.
  8. I would like to : • draw an ellipse outline over a photo (no fill in the ellipse) • select the pixels under (within) the ellipse • invert the selected pixels • darken the inverted pixels • Or, copy the pixels under the ellipse (or any other selection) and paste them on a new layer. I've been doing this for 30 years in Photoshop and GIMP but cannot do it in AFF Photo. The photograph is a pixel layer. In fact, I cannot even copy what's under the ellipse and paste in on a new layer. What's the secret?
  9. You're quite right R C-R. I read it too quickly and thought he was in Publisher. That's why I couldn't find "Expand Stroke".
  10. Another way using pen tool. •Make a vertical line (hold down SHIFT). •Set your line width. Choose butt or square cap. • •Move the circle at the top of the line right or left. Release. That's it.
  11. My RGB max value is 100 in publisher, 255 in Photo. Why? Publisher, photo
  12. Win 7 sp1 Publisher If I move the X origin 8.5 inches to the right on a two page publication, so that the zero is centred on the spine, that X origin does not carry over when the master page is applied to regular pages. To get the ruler zeroed on the spine, it appears that the X origin must be relocated separately for each and every two pages.
  13. You are probably right. I am getting a msg about an inability to connect to my Event Notification Service on that profile even though it is set to autoload. I can get in another way, though.I have restored AFF Pub to my earlier working version for now. Will try to load v 1.8.0.xxx at another time. Thanks for looking into it.
  14. My new download of Publisher blocked my Win 7 SP1 from opening. The msg was "System Event Notification Services" not connecting, or something. Had to uninstall, do a full DskChk, then restored to an earlier restore point just to get in to Windows on my usual profile. I used an admin profile to get to "Restore". I currently have 1.7.x back.
  15. Video is fuzzy and moves too fast to be helpful. Not sure what you are promoting: your techniques or your templates. Nice music though.
  16. Thank you all for your responses, especially AlanPickup for pointing me in the direction of A. Designer. It's a useful set and I have imported it to A. Publisher. I'll also check out an A.Pub sample file. I found the Asset function very handy for popping in recurring logos and snippets of text. Sam S.
  17. Win 7 Publisher build I've seen built-in assets before, but now I have lost them. When I go to import them via the assets panel I have no idea where they reside. I'm not talking about my custom assets, which I can access but pre-built assets that I have seen in Publisher, Designer and Photo. Any idea where they are? Thanks, S.
  18. Brilliant! Thank you. I missed it under Document Statistics.
  19. I don't use titles. What I need is a field that will pick up the filename of the current document and will change if the doc is saved-as under a new name.
  20. Oh? Then why does the file name come up in the Title field and stick there?
  21. Give a new Publisher file the name "A". Save it. Close it. Open file "A" and save it as "B". Open "Fields" in saved document "B" and under "Document Information" the "Title" field will read "A", which is what the name of what the file WAS, not what it IS now. There is a title-filename mismatch that persists. Even if you close the app down and start afresh, the mismatch persists. See attachment. Yes I know, I can manually change the Title field but a) that's not productive and b) it doesn't stick. The title field in "B" reverts to the first document's filename. I could hard wire it, but that defeats the purpose of a field doesn't it? The field seem unable to update itself automatically and there is no manual key for doing so. Win 64, AP
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