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  1. Thanks for the hint. I actually did authorize for the same location but did not change anything. Saving to other location did work though.
  2. Hi, I just updated Photo app to version 1.7 and it seems batch processing is not working for me. The ok button is not active no matter what option, selections I choose. Could you please let me know if I do something wrong or there is an issue in the app. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have noticed an error while saving files opened from SMB shares with Publisher Mac. It happens only when opening the file for the first time and trying to save it (save command or save as with the same name). When the file is reopened then it saves normally. Save as with different name also works fine. I have the the same issue with Af Designer and Photo apps since version 1.6. Had no issue with versions 1.5. Could you please investigate the error? I checked it on 2 different Macs and 2 different SMBs (WD and Synology). Thanks

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