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  1. Why is it that when I use a brush in Affinity Photo I can see hard 'staircasing' of value (You can see lines), even with: - Using a soft round brush - 0% hardness - 100% flow
  2. Gotta love late night post-export frustrations on Affinity... Seriously this issue pretty much wipes out any usefulness of their embedded document feature.
  3. Seems like every time I export something on Designer I have to find workarounds to fix export bugs and issues. So tired of reading 'It's on our road map!' every time. It's like you can't even use any of the great features that it has because of this.
  4. GTR

    Mangled Font Issue - PDF Export

    Issue also happens with Rubik font. Frustrating.
  5. This goes especially for Publisher but as well Photo and Designer. I would like to have Indic/Asian font support - so far there isn't any (The text is distorted). One staff member on the forums mentioned this font support once Publisher comes out but I don't see it. If you can make it in a better way then Photoshop which is a pain to configure to use it that would be great!

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