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    Hi Serif
    I've been using Pageplus more or less since it was born. I have been loyal to Serif & recommended it to many friends. When all Affinity products are eventually integrated, you deserve to wipe Adobe [arrogant & unhelpful] & MS Publisher [counter intuitive] off the map. However, many of us have lots of .ppp files, Pageplus logos, etc. It would be a major mistake if Pageplus files, logos etc were not supported to import into the final version of Affinity Publisher.  I note you have now closed that thread. I hope your programmers are even now working on including this in the program or as a plugin.
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    thank you. found it.! Interestingly, it seems to work backwards. Clicking saturate moves the option to desat, & vise versa. Clicking vibrance does nothing at all. Never mind - problem solved Thanks guys