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  1. Does anyone else have issues with the speed of Affinity Photo. My desktop with i5 chip, 8gb ram & Nividia graphics [1gb dedicated ram] hardly ever keeps me waiting in Photoshop. Affinity Photo is frustratingly slow. 24mp RAW file takes over 10 seconds to load. Develop mode takes almost as long to complete, & flattening the image from 5-10 layers takes several seconds, which is virtually instantaneous in PS. This makes it a frustrating experience! In addition, if you use any of the tools, as soon as you release the mouse, it processes your action [ slowly!]. This means, for example
  2. yes. I experienced the same thing. Litle things like this can slow the workflow
  3. I like what I see so far, but I agree that the UI maybe needs a tweak or two.. You can drag the left & right panels out, but not drag to make them narrower to increase the size of the workspace. Yes, you can tab the workspace to full screen, but this does not help if you want to select tools. I also find it frustrating that if you want to customise toolbars / studio etc, it appears that when you check or uncheck one item, the customise menu disappears. It would be better if you could ctrl/click the items so that you could alter several settings, without having to go back through the V
  4. Hi Serif I've been using Pageplus more or less since it was born. I have been loyal to Serif & recommended it to many friends. When all Affinity products are eventually integrated, you deserve to wipe Adobe [arrogant & unhelpful] & MS Publisher [counter intuitive] off the map. However, many of us have lots of .ppp files, Pageplus logos, etc. It would be a major mistake if Pageplus files, logos etc were not supported to import into the final version of Affinity Publisher. I note you have now closed that thread. I hope your programmers are even now working on including this in
  5. Hi I'm moving over to Affinity from Photoshop. One feature of PS [in ACR] is the ability to adjust saturation & luminence separately for each individual colour [red /orange / yellow/ purple etc]. This seems to be missing from Develop persona in Affinity. The only way of approaching it seems to be with Curves [ only for RGB & therefore well near impossible for other tones] or by altering white balance [which is a bit of a blunt instrument]. You can do it to a certain extent with selective colour & HSL in Photo persona, but even here you are only adjusting colour bias, not lum
  6. Thanks, Firstdefence. Yes, I know about this, but my concern was to be able to sat/desat selectively. HSL ,of course, acts globally
  7. thank you. found it.! Interestingly, it seems to work backwards. Clicking saturate moves the option to desat, & vise versa. Clicking vibrance does nothing at all. Never mind - problem solved Thanks guys
  8. I am used to adjusting individual colours, both saturation & luminence in Adobe Camera Raw. Affinity's Develop mode does not seem to provide this. Global saturation & hue are there, but no adjustment for individual colours. Have I missed something?
  9. Photoshop has a saturation / desat brush nested in the dodge & burn brush tools. Can't find tyhis in Affinity Photo.The only way I can see of applying saturation to a specific area is by selecting it first - & this doesn't allow subtle changes. Can anyone help?
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