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  1. Hi Dan, in addition to the issue above I realized that scaling of elements with layer effects applied, those effects are not scaled properly even if the checkbox 'scale with object' is activated. Does this work for you? Am I missing something here? Hope to get this issue fixed soon :-) Best - Ron
  2. Yes - I agree! This needs a closer look to get it perfect. Thanks to both of you for helping out. I will optimize this with masks and layers ...
  3. Thank you reglico! I tried your work around and it helps to a certain distinct. If Dan isn't coming up with a perfect solution then I will go with this. Thanks again - Ron
  4. Thanks! I uploaded the file to the dropbox link above!
  5. Yes. Where can I upload the file? Is there a private section for this purpose?
  6. Hi reglico, thanks for your answer. I tried the Soften parameter but this does'nt clen the jaggered surface but softens the crisp and sharp edges that I am after. So - Soften is cleaning the surfaces only enough with higher numbers but then the sharp edges are gone :-(
  7. Hi, in Designer I used the layer effects '3D' and 'Bevel'. The gradients generated by those effects appear to be jaggered - see screenshots below. How can I get a smooth gradient within the beveled parts? I need to use a CMYK color profile and tried even several color formats like sRGB 16bit but with no success to get rid of the jaggered gradients. Thanks for any help Regard - Ron