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  1. I have been successfully using Affinity for about a year and like it very much. My question is:" Is there a way of marking the raw image as having been processed". I find myself not recognizing which raw image I worked on in cases of multiple images and which was not. Photoshop leaves a small icon on the original raw thumbnail to identify it as finished. Can that be done in Affinity?
  2. Well Sharkey, I have finally found a point of contention with you. I have Photoshop and it's print manager has always been good and reliable with all formats and all papers I use. In addition PS allows me to tap into Print Studio Pro which is plain superb and also very reliable. There is nothing for me to do but to use it and print "well centered Images". That is precisely why I am at a loss as to why Affinity is not providing the same amenities to photographers. The user should not have to "hunt" for solutions for a problem that should inherently be available to him at no additional efforts.
  3. What you write about the centering problem when using home printers is interesting. I have never had this problem when editing in Photoshop and printing with Print Studio Pro or with the built-in print manager of PS. Not being able to do so in Affinity is the only issue that prevents me from using AF all the way. I fail to understand why AF does not deal with problem. I'll look into a RIP program.
  4. I see what you mean by one of the paper corners being ahead of its opposite. An excellent picture by the way! But that still does not solve my problem. I have tried printing "without scaling" also but to no avail. The displacement of the image gets worse as the paper size increases. I once printed down to 6x7 inches and thought that my problem was solved. I could not measure any displacement. But as I increased the paper size and printed the same image correspondingly larger of course, the disparity became visually obvious. By the time I printed on a 13x19 inch paper, the right border was 2.5" as opposed to 1" on the left. That is unacceptable because the final image is not the size that I indicated it to be. Be it as it may, it is nice conversation we are having. I enjoy it. On a more serious note I definitely think that AF should address the issue and solve it. It has lingered too long.
  5. I agree about the centering problem of images edited in Affinity and printed with the Canon Pro10. I have tried many ways with no success. That remains a deplorable problem with an editor that is as good as Affinity. My own recourse is to edit in AP and print in PS. But that is not a desirable solution. Please fix this problem. You may notice that there is no paper size preset that is equivalent to 8.5x11 inches; only 8X10 or 10X12. That may be source of the problem.
  6. not Let me join the list of complaints about the inability to center an image when printing in Affinity. I have used both the direct print mode as well as the soft proofing method but to no avail. The images are always skewed to one side. I agree that this is an important issue if Affinity intends to replace Photoshop as a significant image post processor. This is not a "printer" issue. I have the Canon Pixma Pro 10 and when I print the same image using Photoshop controls, it is well centered. I am very interested in shifting entirely to Affinity but, so far, I remain hesitant because of this serious problem. Affinity should consider making Canon Print Studio Pro available as a good solution. I have tried but learned that Affinity is not compatible with Print Studio Pro. I sincerely hope that this issue can be resolved soon. From what I read it has lingered on for quite some time and has not been resolved with the newest upgrade which I am using.
  7. I am not able to center images when printing in Affinity on 8.5x11 letter size paper. The problem gets worse when I print on 13x19 paper. It doesn't matter whether I process the image directly in the Print app or if I go through the Soft Proof tool. The same image is well centered when done in Photoshop.
  8. When I click on either the Brush or the Clone tools the icon is very jerky and uncontrollable. All other tools are working properly. What adjustment are needed to make these two tools smooth and useable? I tried adjusting things using the More feature but nothing helps.
  9. I think I am having a similar problem in that my tablet does not work Affinity. Re-installed the driver but nothing happens. Any suggestion?
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