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  1. I got it! It has to be ungrouped first....it is pretty messy but that can be cleaned up! Now to get the offset path in Affinity figured out!
  2. Yes, here it is. As you can see from the file, I merged the shapes with no problem. If you look back in the history you can see that I converted to curves, then did add. It might not be in that state currently. type merged.afdesign
  3. I am trying to accomplish something I do in Illo all the time but can’t seem to do in affinity. i like to convert my type to paths, and then merge the shapes. in Affinity I have converted the text to curves and then used the add command but it still won’t merge. See image for the overlap not going away. its almost as if I am missing a step after I convert the type to curves. Anyone have the answer?
  4. Thank you so much! What a great reference! This is fantastic!
  5. Perfect! Not sure if Place Image is the same as Import/Open (assuming so) but that worked! Thank you so much! This really is an amazing app. schwabby
  6. I am trying to make the switch from the laptop to my iPad Pro. All of my files are in Box.com. Is there a way to import a file or image from Box.com to affinity? thanks!
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