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  1. Thanks so much, I'm sorry to have made everyone run around (with their fingers). I've just downloaded the new 1.8.4 version via the MAS, which also explains a mystery, as I rarely buy anything from MAS, and prefer if possible to buy direct from the original site's web page(s), hence the confusion on my side. So, as the saying goes, all's well that ends well. Thanks again. BTW, I should be able to continue upgrading until which version? (Just so I know when to come back to the Affinity site to buy the next version).
  2. Yeeeh, thanks for the help, I did indeed find it. As you suggested it was bought through Apple. So, what can I do, or am I blocked from an upgrade?
  3. Thanks for your help. I guess there's not much that I can do. Firstly, I can't find any trace of my purchase, which seems odd, but it happens. There's no email (that I can find), yet I bought Affinity (around July/August 2018) in a special offer - which might jog your memories about when that could have been. I'm going to see if I can find a trace in my credit cards, but I'll do that this weekend when I have some time. As for the rest, I wonder if there's something in my copy of Affinity that would prove it's a bought version (the activation key), that I could send you/Affinity, as an example, a file which I could find on my computer? Lastly, what's most odd is that I bought this (as I said) in 2018, which means since I'm on 1.7.3 now, I must have had a few updates/upgrades since 2018? I seem to remember just downloading the most recent versions from time-to-time (after having a reminder via the app), but since I've had nothing recently I ended up here. BTW, the reason you see I've downloaded a 'trial version' is that I thought that maybe it might somehow work as an update. Thanks again. p.s. What would have been the version that I could have bought back in the summer of 2018? Could that version be to old to receive a free upgrade?
  4. I recently noticed that my Affinity is only running 1.7.3. and so I had thought it was possible to download the latest version, however, somehow I've found no possibility to do that. I've been in touch with you (Affinity) via Twitter and was told to sign into my account and try to download from the downloads and product key section. However, when I tried to log into (what I thought was) my account, it seems it didn't exist. This is rather odd as I bought Affinity from the site back in 2018 in a summer sale - if I remember correctly - and as you know, when you buy Affinity, it makes an account for you, where your product key is kept. So, my question. Is it possible that as I bought my copy of Affinity back in 2018 (July or August), that I am no longer covered for an update, and so will have to buy a new version of Affinity if I wish to get the updates etc? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance - joesh downloads and product keys section.downloads and product keys section.
  5. Thanks first defence I'll keep on keeping on and try to remember to follow those steps (or until the bug is sorted out).
  6. Yes, development assistant was a 32bit, I'm trying again and it seems to work, maybe you can explain where I've been going wrong? I'll do a full test when I get back later this afternoon - I have to head off to work. Just to assure you (me too), here's a screen shot. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks, but I'm still getting this problem. I've taken your advice and tried save with history (but with another file), see the file below (and the screen shot), you'll see what I've done. DSCF1407.afphoto
  8. Hi firstdefence I guess you just posted before I printed the above message (see the quote). I think I might have understood my error, since Dan C mentioned converting to 32bit. I also tried develop (to 32bit) > edge detect, and everything looks fine. Is this where I'm maybe going wrong? Do I need to convert my RAW photo to 32bit before using edge detect....?
  9. Okay, I found the where .afphoto is - I hadn't thought you need to save it - see below. Thanks, I look forward to seeing what the problem is, I'm most curious that you can do this no problem... but I get these lines! Untitled.afphoto
  10. Wow, so it might be a problem elsewhere? Answering your questions (as to editing): No, I just pressed develop from RAW, then made a duplicate and used the filter edge detect - trying out a technique I'd seen on Affinity tutorials using edge detect. Secondly, where do I find the '.afphoto' file as i'm new to affinity. Thanks in advance
  11. Okay, strange. I'll upload one of the files (DSCF1408.RAF the one you saw) and one that doesn't have that (2257.RAF) - I tried using the edge detect to test the same problem. Thanks in advance p.s. The two files are taken on different days, but using the same camera. DSCF1408.RAF DSCF2257.RAF
  12. Hi, Could someone tell me what these strange marks are that appear when I use the edge detect filter? It seems to appear on a selection of photos which I took (using the same camera) on one day, but not all in the same place - they're literally on all the photos if I test the edge detect! I just hope its not a defect on the lens - a fixed lens Fujifilm X100T! Thanks in advance
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