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  1. Im new to both Affinity Photo and this forum, but when will it comes to the final release?
  2. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but let's consider how awesome an iPhone version would be. Currently I need to use multiple apps for my instagram photos (VSCO, Lightroom, Enlight), if there is one app that I think could potentially replace all (Except maybe VSCO's filters) it would be an iPhone version of Affinitive.
  3. When I'm using the spot healing tool the circle often disappears after i change the size, its very annoying having to fix up images blindly. This happens both the Affinity Photo as well as the Affinity Photo retouch extensions inside photos. Its particularly annoying when it happens inside the photos app as thats where I need the healing brush the most (removing acne/pimples etc). Running macOS Mojave, but I've experienced this before Mojave came out.