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  1. I'm trying to duplicate and mirror an object. I found the point transform tool, which only seems to rotate and duplicate, but not mirror. In this illustration, the 'mirror' gets to the other side, but upside down and below where I want it. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I like what they're doing with the 3 products, but aside from the isometric functionality, which I hate in Illustrator, I realize it will be quite a while before I can dump Illustrator - in this case the Illustrator Reflect tool just gets it done with no dragging, transforming, flipping and whatever else needs to be done. Just way too much to do so little IMO.
  3. I really appreciate your input, but I'm just not getting transform handles no matter what combination of key presses I make. I can rotate and move, but not transform like you did. No biggie as I went through the process @Alfred suggested. Took a bit longer and IMO was kinda clunky, but it worked.
  4. Nope, all I get is move (four arrows) when using only the point transform tool. Maybe this is a Windows only defect?
  5. What tool are you using to drag after you use the point transform tool to set point of origin?
  6. @PixelPest yeah I was aware of that procedure however I don't see it being practical in the situation I posted above.
  7. Yup, in the meantime I did something like that, but WOW it was more work than I anticipated - initially thought I was using the wrong tool. I'm coming from Illustrator where it is a simple process with the rotate command, pick the origin point + CTRL (to duplicate) + SHIFT, (to constrain to angles) done. Hopefully Designer gets there soon.
  8. @Alfred Ohhh kay. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Just trying to create a simple icon, but can't get the 'heartbeat line' to subtract from the heart. I need the heartbeat line portion to be transparent. These are both curves.
  10. @Palatino sry, can't read your layer names. Could you instead explain the steps to achieve this?
  11. Got it. On the line...Layer > Expand Stroke
  12. Creating a logo design, which is a rectangle with four lines of text inside. Two of the lines are on a curved path. When I grab a handle + SHIFT to make the artwork smaller/bigger, the text either stays the same size (scale up) or 'folds' onto itself (scale down). Whaaaa??? Text doesn't scale in Designer? No such thing in Illustrator, as everything scales at the same time, so I obviously didn't check off something essential in Designer. Not that it should matter, because this are not strokes, but I have "Scale with object" checked within the Stroke panel. Just to clarify, as it seems to be isolated to this type of element; text on a path is what does not transform with selected objects.
  13. Answered my question by accidentally finding the answer... Apparently there is another transform handle just below and to the right of the transform box - this is what needs to be manipulated in order for everything including text on a path to scale in sync. I dunno, kinda weird having all these extra functions, I'm not sure why you would need that additional handle as opposed to this happening by default. Why would i ever want text on a path to not transform with other selected artwork??? And I just realized, you can't use the Transform panel with text on a path. C'mon guys!
  14. @razorpig After I create a shape, in this case a circle > Convert to Curves (from the context menu or toolbar) > Node Tool > SHIFT select opposite nodes > Transform Mode (toolbar) > click a node + CTRL + drag
  15. @firstdefence Grasshoppa thank you.
  16. I created a t-shirt outline, duplicated it and want to delete all except the 3 selected points to reuse that curve as 'stitching' under the collar. In Illustrator I would use the scissors or erase tool, can't find anything like this in Designer. I'm hoping there is a way without having to redraw small sections of a design each time I need a near duplicate.
  17. These issues are driving me to drink! When I duplicate a layer, whether it's copy/paste or CTRL + ALT, the new layer is on top/above the source. For example, when trying to create a stack of cards, I need to manually drag the layers from top to bottom, otherwise the 'stack' appears upside down. Layer organization is clunky, or I don't understand the mechanics - I drag a layer down and instead of simply moving that layer below another, it automatically makes it a child of that next layer. The only way I found around this is to use CTRL + [ OR ].
  18. I appreciate the time you took to explain this, in fact it helped me create a shortcut just for Insert Behind. However this does not help with my original problem - when I CTRL + DRAG an object down a bit, in this case the representation of a card (my first screen cap above), I then want to use CTRL J to insert the next several duplicates below the original with appropriate spacing. CTRL + DRAG creates a duplicate above the original, even with "Insert behind" enabled, which is super annoying and makes that function appear more gimmicky than useful. Illustrator has CTRL + F (paste in front) and CTRL + B (paste in back), then I use CTRL + D (duplicate) to create any number of duplicates in the correct direction and spacing as the original copy/paste. I can create a thousand in seconds just by holding down CTRL + D - no additional functions to assign or enable.
  19. Was drawing a line and some circles, zoomed in to get a tighter fit on the circle, and noticed it was pixelated. Wait, I'm using the equivalent of Illustrator, right? Then I noticed "View Mode" on the toolbar, but they were Pixel / Retina / Outline Then I checked the View > View Mode and saw "Vector" as a choice. I'm confused... Why is Vector not the default view mode? Why is Vector not a button on the toolbar (can't even add it from Customize Toolbar) - I'm in Pixel or Retina, then have to (in my case) accidentally find "Vector" within the View menu? Why would I care about Pixel-anything when I'm using a vector-based program?
  20. After a couple attempts, I likely had Retina enabled. Maybe when I was learning the UI and just clicking everything. I didn't realize any of these choices until I zoomed in as mentioned earlier, but now I can appreciate them.
  21. In Illustrator I can duplicate an object then move it, then CTRL D as many duplicates as I want in that direction. Is this functionality in Designer or do I have to manually duplicate and move each time? Also I noticed there is not paste in front or paste in back, is that correct?
  22. NM - duplicate object > move > CTRL + J
  23. Well this sucks. I was starting an icon project and the original setup would have been awesome and painless. Now I'm scratching my head opening/closing two panels to sort this out. Can't get my gutters to line up with grid squares. As others mentioned, you had it in there working and rather intuitively, but instead removed it causing a workflow bottleneck. Just bizarre and I gotta mention, so Adobe-ish.
  24. Values in the color panel show as white (all other colors appear correctly), but not to my eyes. So I checked using another program and confirmed white in Designer is not. Just checked Photo and it has the same 'not white' issue. So I checked, of all things, Paint (Windows 10), and white appears correctly. I must have changed something for this to occur and obviously can't remember how to make it right; I need white, can someone help?
  25. Yup, once I properly configured color profiles and calibrated each monitor, the colors appeared as expected.

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