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  1. I'm all for this too, but I think that the reason that development is slow on interactive pdf elements (hyperlink, video embed, etc) is because of the deep integration between the three programs (designer, photo, publisher). It makes sense that they need to plan very carefully across all three in order to ensure that those elements are preserved properly when working across the entire line. I'm guessing it's pretty complicated, so I'm happy they are planning to release first, then continue development (as much as I would LOVE for them to get interactive elements in) SO, it'll be FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC when they start implementing interactive elements, but it'll also be great when they release the first stable version even if it is just focused on print. Personally, I'm looking forward to using for both, but will stick with other software for pdf development until then. I'm super happy with the beta for print projects already - designer + photo + publisher to make pages for printing out bookmarks for sale on etsy is SUPERBE. I'll be buying day 1, the money is burning a hole in my pocket, Serif!
  2. Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, but I've found that every time I install I get an error that the update failed (windows 10, administrator account). A little digging found that the "Publisher Public Beta" folder in Program Files is locked. The folder appears to be empty and read only according to properties, although I can't open it or change it's properties so I'm not sure how reliable that is. I've found I can install the new beta just by running the installer again and picking a new folder destination, then it works fine. This is the second time that this has happened (I've attempted to update twice since my initial download) - strangely enough, the FIRST folder that was locked has since been removed, but now my second folder is locked (I'm now on "Publisher Public Beta 3"). So I'm wondering, is your uninstaller doing something weird with the permissions on the folder during the uninstall process?

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