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  1. WestCoastPDX

    Selection Brush Tool

    Thanks, guys! Actually, by watching a vid on YT I have learned HOW TO USE this brush properly!!! This was a game changer for me. Now I know when to use Add and when Subtract. Woooo!
  2. Thanks, AlainP! I will try the methods you are suggesting! And btw, the idea of pinning came from one of the many tutorial vids posted by the Affinity Photo/Designer creators.... They actually demonstrated it with Mac. So I don't understand why that feature dosn't work now?...
  3. Dear peeps! Thanks for being helpful to this newbie so far! As the title says, I tried to open Help topic and my Document, using both at the same time------and I wasn't able to pin it! The help page would disappear when I click on document ( wasn't pinned). HOW DO I PIN IT? Also, the Help page can be only resized a little, so it stays quite large in order to fit it AND the document next to each other. IS THERE A SOLUTION TO BOTH ISSUES? PLEASE HELP!
  4. Ok. Thank you. I will try it
  5. Ok, I downloaded affin.co/searchthewoods file to work on the project. There are 8 documents in a file, however, NO SNAPSHOTS! The manual tells me to open a snapshot with the forest image... THERE ISN'T ONE IN THAT FILE. IS IT ONLY ME WHO HAS NO IDEA WHERE TO FIND ALL THOSE SNAPSHOTS THAT ARE REFERRED TO IN ALL PROJECTS? Yes, I download the file that is referred to at the beginning of each chapter, but then there is a reference to snapshots AND THEY AREN'T IN THE FILE! WHERE IS THE REST OF RESOURCES? It says in the manual: " You can get all the resources that are referenced in this project from: https://affin.co/searchthewoods.... HOWEVER, I personally was unable to find ALL of the resources there! And the same thing for all projects...VERY FRUSTRATING, GUYS!!!! I WASTE SO MUCH TIME JUST LOOKING FOR ALL RESOURCES TO DO THE PROJECTS! SHOULD BE MADE A LOT EASIER TO FIND...
  6. WestCoastPDX

    Selection Brush Tool

    Hi, Guys a few times already when I tried to use my Selection Brush tool, on one of the occasions it wasn't selecting at all; on the other occasion, it didn't snap to the where it was said it would snap ( i am following the Affinity Photo manual working on projects). SO, it seems to me that this tool isn't working properly for me so far. Most likely it's ME, however, what am I doing or not doing to make it work properly? Also, Is there a place for troubleshooting subjects? Perhaps it will help as well, now and in the future! I would greatly appreciate your HELP! Cheers
  7. WestCoastPDX

    Where to find the Downloadable Resources?

    Yeah...I actually found them when wasn't looking! Thanks!
  8. I downloaded photocoreskills, HOWEVER, there files exposure_adjustment.ORF and tonal_adjustments.RW2 and advanced_adjustments.RW2 AREN'T THERE! AND possibly other resources I am going to be needing soon? Can someone with the knowledge tell me WHERE I can find mentioned above files to download as well as possibly all other resources? Maybe I am just not seeing the obvious again? PLEASE HELP!
  9. WestCoastPDX

    Where Are The Resources?

    Thank you!!! Just downloaded them. I did miss that info, Lol, and I apologize! :-) I can remove my post but I am afraid there will be others like myself who missed it and looking.. So, it might be helpful to others
  10. Hi, I bought the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo software and I also bought the manuals for both of them. I am disappointed though with the manual (currently learning Affinity Designer programme). Currently, I am on Core Skills section. The problem is that when you say DO THIS and THAT ...there is no instruction on what image to look for, where to find it and how to download it...AND DO THEY EVEN EXIST FOR DOWNLOAD?? How I am supposed to follow the steps in learning the software if I don't have downloadable images to work with that you refer to in the manual to learn and practice those Core Skills??? This is sooo confusing at this point! I feel like I had wasted $50 x2 on the manuals....Have I missed something? Please help