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    Rachael000 reacted to Cineman in Hide frame edges / Preview   
    Yep. Should be a single key available by default that hides every type of visual aid or guide that is not a part of the content. Tap key a second time to bring back the working view. I use this constantly and would be pretty frustating to have to replace it with multiple menu options and shortcuts. Please set up a global / catch-all setting for this.
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    Rachael000 reacted to wdc in Hide frame edges / Preview   
    Actually in order to get a true preview mode you have to 1) hide guides and 2) clip canvas. I think it makes more sense to have an all encompassing preview mode a la InDesign (that's one thing Adobe actually got right and probably something most designers have come to expect). I'm sure it's a simple coding fix ... make Clip Canvas the all around preview mode. 
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    Rachael000 reacted to Jeremy Bohn in Hide frame edges / Preview   
    Sort of. It hides the guides and frame edges but it's all or nothing. There is a toggle to show and hide guides, so there should also be one to show and hide frame edges.
    It is also no substitute for a real preview mode as it doesn't hide objects that are on the pasteboard.