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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It seems to me to be quite an essential tool, how can you adapt an ellipse exactly to an image template? Is there a possibility to change the shape of the selection afterwards?
  2. Hello, everyone, I've been looking for a function I know from other programs for a long time but can't find it at Affinity Photo, maybe you can help me. If I use the circle selection tool (M) I can change the shape of the ellipse with pressed mouse button, but not the position. When I release the mouse I can change the position but not the shape! I am looking for the command with which I can change with pressed mouse button between form and position before I release the mouse button to adjust the selection so position and form are correct. With other programs you press the Control or Option key, how does this work with Affinity Photo ? Working on a Mac with Affinity Photo 1.7.1 Best Lexis
  3. thanks, this is basically a good function, but it would be nice if you could turn it off afterwards, just like you can convert a picture into pixels afterwards.
  4. Many thanks to all of you for your help. "The best way to do this is to avoid embedding anything in a new file that you don't want connected because it is an embedded file. " I wasn't planning on an embedded file.. Best Lexis
  5. i actually want to be able to edit pictures and text. Can I disconnect an existing connection? Or in other words, can I copy an artbord without creating a connection?
  6. Probably i missed something obvious. Example.afdesign
  7. i don't know what a symbol is or how to create it, but as i understand it in this case such orange markings are visible .. right?
  8. Hello Lee D, Is this understandable? Should i set the user interface to english?
  9. if i copy to an artboard, and then change the image on it, the image on the artboard i copied will also be changed..how can i prevent that ? I honestly don't get the point either. But I find it very handy that I can switch to edit mode with a double click on an artboard and change motif and text, but it would be nice if these changes were not transferred to the artboard I copied. Best L Ps. Affinity Designer 1.6.1 Running on a Mac 10.14.2
  10. it is reset to Control+Option+Command+D!
  11. The problem only seems to occur when I set the program language to German. Enclosed two Screenschots
  12. I know it's an old entry, but I'll try it anyway. I also have the problem that I only get an error tone when I try to duplicate something with Command+J. In the settings "Control+Option+Command+D" is registered, if I change the command to "Command+j" it is reset automatically. Any idea? Affinity Designer 1.6.1 on Mac 10.14.2
  13. when i create PDF´s there are thin black lines around all single elements. I tried to reduce everything to one layer before saving, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. Any idea what I can do? Best regards lexis

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