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  1. I figured it out. All you have to do is move the imprinted layer below the new image layer.
  2. In Affinity Photo, I have removed an image with the inpainting tool and attempted to put an image (company logo) in it's place. The logo does not appear in the areas where the inpainting occurred. I tried right clicking, Arrange, Move to Front... to no avail. How can I get my company logo to show up where the inpainting was done?
  3. I had reserved CMD J for switching to Japanese language but even when I switch it off, the shortcut still does not work in Affinity Photo. The drop down works. Thank you.
  4. When making a selection, I should be able to CMD J and have the selection duplicated in a new layer. Instead, I only get a tone from my computer (new MacBook Pro). Is there another way to duplicate in a new layer?