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  1. Fresh install of Windows 10 - latest October 2018 update. Using a XP Pen Deco 03 I notice the same behavior described here - I'm using the dodge/burn brush and suddenly the pen switches to eraser. I've never owned or had a wacom tablet installed so there are no other drivers installed beyond the XP Pen drivers (working fine with other applications - Photoshop etc..). Let me know if there are log files/anything I could provide that would help fix and eradicate this bug! Please can you fix!
  2. Yes - apart from that it's a top notch application. For now, I'm using either Iridient X-Transformer (you should hire the single developer who built that application) or Silky Pix Raw Convertor 8 (provided by Fuji) to convert to TIFF and go from there. Actually at this point in time I'm finding that Silky Pix is giving the nicest output RAW files to take as input to Affinity. They match the camera jpeg color engine perfectly and pull noticeably more detail than ACR. However I'd like a one stop shop for both raw development and post processing - please fix this or provide an upda
  3. Hi, I've purchased Affinity Photo and Designer not too long ago and only recently started to take the time to try and transition away from Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I'm a little disappointed to find that opening a basic Fuji RAF RAW file from my XT2 on version of Affinity Photo is very slow. The actual RAW file opens in 29 seconds (timed) - compared to practically instant with On1, Luminar, Capture One, heck even Lightroom! Furthermore the Raw develop persona sliders once a photo has loaded are very unresponsive e.g. if I slide back and forth on the Exposure
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