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    Alex Potemkin got a reaction from Jowday in From old-timer Ventura user   
    I'm sorry if I will suggest something which already exist in your software. I will be honest, I did not tried it yet but after watching tutorials and after fast look through the forum, I really see no points to try.
    Why not?
    I'm long-time user of Ventura (since Xerox Ventura Publisher v.1.1 DOS till the last Corel Ventura v10). And some features which existed in Ventura in 199X still missing in the modern apps - which made modern systems almost unusable for people like me, who have an experience without them, I can see only another clone of InDesign which make no more sense than the original one.
    Which features I mean to be so crucial?
    1. A dedicated "paragraph" tool. Nowadays, all apps I know use the same tool for text and paragraph, but they are different beasts! Give back an ability to select and operate multiple PARAGRAPHS together in a random order. This is crucial for structured texts, like poetry or interviews, texts with multiple subheads, lists and bullets, etc.
    2. Give us paragraph styles when vertical position will be related on previous paragraph position (first line's baseligh alignment, breaks, relative indents). It hard to explain, just refer to any versions of Ventura, even earlier DOS version. This is crucial for handling table-style texts, like documentation, without usage of actual table which is way faster and flexible.
    3. Multy-column page layouts and Multy-column text frames! And advanced decoration (frames, rules) for frames, to avoid innecessary graphics, which is important for appkucations like magazine layouting.
    4. Paragraph styles which can respect or IGNORE colunms. This is very important for a long structured documents - for example, magazine-style or book 2-columns layout with multiple heads breaking the columns.
    Please, do it, and the army of professionals who remember old good times will be yours
    Please, refer this manual for Paragraph tool, Paragraph style setyings and Frame Settings:
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    Alex Potemkin reacted to Raghavanji in Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects   
    Without this basic function how would you insert math equations that flow with the text, for math teachers like me? Even MS-Word does that, isn't it? Don''t tell me that this 2018 software is not going to support math! If it is so, then it is just Affinity Designer Plus, not a desktop publishing program for science teachers or students.
    I am still using Corel Ventura 10 - one of the best desktop publishing programs of those days. Even now it serves most of my high school level math publishing requirements. I have to run the software in XP comptibility mode under Win 7 and it works. I thought I should come out of that at least now.
    Corel stopped its development in 2002 and it has an intermediate level (if not advanced level) equation editor built-in right from its first version and can be used straight out-of-the-box! Still wonder why most of the DTP packages give a step motherly treatment to put in Math equations in documents. A sample page from the legacy software Corel Ventura 10 attached.

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    Alex Potemkin reacted to captain_slocum in Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects   
    Some understatement! ESSENTIAL. How can you possible produce a long document with graphics without the graphics flow with the text?
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    Alex Potemkin reacted to 3joern in No column Grid?   
    as an oldschool graphic designer all my Books, Magazins and Flyers start's with a intelligent grid thats give me the reference, that all sites/styles etc in the same manner and style. I always prefer a 12 column grid or a 9 column grid. Thats give me flexibility but also some borders for a consistent style. I'am so strange that I love to perfect the position of the columns without decimal points, so I have the posibility for a fast perfect position with coordinates. For example see the screenshot. Without this grid I also can use MS Word for a Layout (thats also can Handle grid in a Textbox, but this is not a flexible and fast way to work), so please add a column grid option.
    Oh and if you use Quark 3.32 as a Basic reference would be awesome, I never worked so fast as with this Program thats all reduced to the basics.

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    Alex Potemkin reacted to lettergothic in No column Grid?   
    It *is* absolutely necessary for professional designers. A page grid, as shown by 3joern is so fundamental that it's hard to understand how this was not recognized and "baked in".

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