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    Hi! My name is Irene King and I live in (fabulous) Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. I'm an old Mac Fangirl, having bought my first Mac, a Performa 2000 running System 7, in 1992. I am a hobbyist in that I do websites and business cards for friends, "clean up" photographs and share with friends and family, and do occasional "real" work for actual pay. Although I was an art major back in the day (pasteups and tracings), I'm completely self-taught on Photoshop, Illustrator, LightRoom, Dreamweaver, PageMaker (!!!), etc. Since I work with computers every day, I can safely say that I have a knack. My issue has been that with Adobe going to a subscription model, I'm now down to just Photoshop because I refuse to pay the ridiculous (for me) subscription extortion when I only use a couple of apps! In the interim, I've tried several others, but just found Affinity today. Of course I will be using the Design, but it's the Photo that has me really excited. I was at first reluctant to even consider it until I saw that you are working to have my favorite Photoshop plugins from Topaz work well with it. My Topaz plugins MAKE ME LOOK GOOD and I can turn any snapshot into a work of art. I've very excited about this and if you ever decided to create a video editing program (I no longer love iMovie), you'd have me as a customer for life!

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