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  1. Not sure it's a bug but here's what I tried : Open AD bĂȘta on Windows 10 and choose the sample "A" by Nora Toth Explore the layers and select the 1st Ellipse under A > Group > Letter A Try to add noise in the 2 points gradient: when I try it, the noise is not added and if I move the color on the palette to another one, the noise cursor is reset to none (same if the noise is existent > reset to initial value, impossible to remove it). Hope it helps, Best regards, Michel
  2. Hi, Thank you for this quick reply (contrary to mine) It's clear and exactly what I searched for despite the fact that I still think it would be useful to have the shortcut just after the page number shortcut in the menu (would be coherent : #, total, prep, next) By the way, my first name is Michel ;-) Michel A.
  3. Hi all, Testing the Beta of Publisher, I tried to find out how to insert the total number of pages but did not succeed... I like (and hope I'm not the only one) to add in the bottom line of my pages the following indicator : "page number / total number of pages" Don't you think it could be usefull ? Moreover, though Publisher is not a text Editor, it could be usefull to have (insert ?) some statistics about the document (char. and word count)... Regards, Michel A.