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  1. It is possible to have one text on one path with different orientation. Just play around with the small green and red triangles.
  2. I discovered (by hazard): here they are. But don't ask me why......
  3. When applying text wrap to a text frame it doesn't work as expected.
  4. ..... or I am failing to see a setting. When applying bullets to justified left text paragraphs, the aligning of the first line to the left of each paragraph is slightly different. This shouldn't happen.
  5. How can I color the bullets - independent from the text? How can I resize the bullets individually?
  6. The tapstop input (up and down arrows and direct number input) does not work proberly. (Vers. 58) Arrows input jumps or doesn't work in both directions, direct input is not accepted accurately.
  7. Up to now decorations are paragraph based. If you need vertical parting lines for text frames you can get around with the existing decorations - but it has its inconveniences and flaws (see left). A decoration setting for vertical parting lines based on the text frame would make things a bit easier.
  8. After setting up a page you might consider to scale the gutter. But when scaling the gutter the text frame scales too. Most of the time you wouldn't want the gutter settings to have such an influence on the page layout. Did I miss something to prevent such behavior?
  9. When working with the rame text ruler on a three column text frame Publisher (.58) crashes
  10. In times of team-, co- or cloud-working, it would be a great step ahead if two or more people could work on one document simultaneously - without a plug-in or any other additional detour. That's our dream over here. I'm not talking about book chapters or the like, I'm talking about one single file. Luckily I'm not a programmer so it is easy for me to describe the basics: 1. A file can be opened by several people 2. Working on one page or spread locks it for other coworkers 3. Saving is blocked and put in queue when a coworker is saving at the very moment 4. Don't forget a communication channel inside the publisher.......just kidding!.......or maybe not? There are lots of little problems that occur in my mind (e.g. page organization) when thinking about such a feature......but hey!....first of all: it is where things are going to evolve to anyway. So why not be part of it?