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  1. The Node Tool icon supposed to have an expansion arrow on it to reveal the Point Transform Tool for selection. For some reason this arrow is not showing on Designer. From the help file I found that the short cut key for the this tool is F and that is the only way I can currently access it. The Designer version I currently have is V1.7.3.481 and I did not get notification if there would be an update. See missing expansion arrow from icon at link https://www.screencast.com/t/ulJVVYGQXIXf
  2. Dan, You forgot to show that the curly brackets need to be included. I used the uninstall and it said it fixed it but it was still installed. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. As I started the installer it immediately showed the path where it was last installed which was D: drive for me. When installing the progress bar went to about 25% and said it was complete. I tried to run it and it was a no go. I am in the same situation as rlratkey I just checked that after running that uninstaller on D:/Program Files/Affinity still has the Affinity Photo folder with a lot of file
  3. I have similar problem. I updated to 1.7 and it said that it completed it but when I opened Photo it opened the previous version. The progress bar during the installation just moved a bit and came up with the completed message. I uninstalled it and installed it and now I have the icons and does not start, I can go to the folder directly and try to start it with the exe file but Photo does not even start up I install applications on my D: drive and I have Windows 10 Home 64 bit Version 1809 OS build 17763.503 The same thing happened with Designer, exact the same st
  4. Hi All, I would like to see in all three Affinity products the following guide improvements: The ability to set guide from right to left. Able to set 0 in the middle of the page. Fast switch with a button between the % the selected measurement unit and the right to left features Another option could be for the left to right is on the top of the screen, as it is currently, and the right to left guide on the bottom of the screen. The same with the vertical guides on the left and right side. It would be a greatly help with positioning under different circumstances.
  5. Hi everyone, I am Andrew and very new to the Affinity products. I like them both, so far I like the Publisher beta as well, looks like it will be the 3rd. One thing I miss in all three is the ability to set guide from right to left or to be able to set 0 in the middle of the image and quick changes between them. It would greatly help with positioning under different circumstances. We could also have left to right on the top and right to left on the bottom of the screen and the same with the vertical guides. I am going through the Photo tutorials and came across a sky background tutor
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