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  1. Hi Forum, there's an issue when exporting a slice. When you activate "Continuous", export your picture and change after this something on your picture nothing will happen. Something in rare cases the exported picture updates after a long period of time and sometimes it just updates after you saved your Affinity File (which is annoying if you want to export it only one time and you need to save your file to do that, even if you don't want to edit your file in the future). Please fix this problem
  2. I think it´s a quite good idea to have patterns. For example for CD´s, business cards, envelops, external labels and calendars. And also for these patterns matching print options specific for them.
  3. I saw the insert feature for page number. Maybe you can add to insert specific information like current date or personal information like email address, phone number and address.
  4. I want to add. Maybe a feature to insert a hyperlink by using a QR-Code.