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  1. cwlindner

    Opacity change for picture frames

    Hi @MEBand @mac_heibu , Thanks so much. I did indeed get confused with the two opacity features, one right on top of the other. SOLVED, thank you. In the process I did find another bug: after adjusting the opacity of the picture frame, when I then select other objects / layers, the slider 'gets stuck' and I can't get rid of it anymore, even when I click on the little downward triangle and with no object selected (see attached jpg). Only restarting Publisher clears it.
  2. When you place an image directly on the canvas, the slider for opacity works as it should. However, when placing an image inside a picture frame, the slider has no effect. When you open the downward triangle to reveal the picture placed within the frame, opacity change is not available. Either this is a bug or it makes the excellent picture frame tool a lot less useful.
  3. Hello @Patrick Connor I am on Mac OS 10.11.6
  4. I have set up a document with bleed and designed master pages so that photos are larger than page size for printing and cropping. However, when I export for print, those bleeds do not show (photo is cut exactly to the crop marks). (See two attached JPGs) However, when I move those photos from master pages to individual pages, bleed is exported. Am I missing something or is this a beta-version bug? Kind regards, Christoph