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  1. Well after trying it a few times, I am going to stick with PP X9 for the remaining few years ~I will be doing DTP work.
  2. Someone said look in Guide Manager, show columns. ~I opened a new A4 document and applied 3 columns. BUT on viewing the page on screen NO COLUMNS showed. Now what? At least with P Plus you can both show guides and alter them as needed on any page you are working on.
  3. I started using "Pagemaker" a lifetime ago, then moved on to InDesign, But as you rightly comment, they now want a crazy monthly subscription to place it on the latest MS platforms, so that's why I migrated to P Plus, even though I had tried it in earlier versions and did not like it, but with X9 it suits me perfectly.
  4. ~I am sticking with Page Plus X9, it does nearly everything a good DTP platform should
  5. Totally agree, most "untrained" users of Word NEVER format job correctly, especially TABBED lists. The number of times I open files to see spaces used to align figures / text in columns - makes me mad. I always tell them to USE THE TABS AND ONE TAB PER COLUMN - and that it matters not if their screen shows a raggy page, it is up to me / us to set p the correct tabs within P Plus and so I usually have to go right through their document, with the spaces (view) tab clicked, remove all spurious spaces and replace with one tab. I usually charge them extra for this!! Still nobody advised me how to create columns and to flow text manually from overflow.
  6. Tried again on a test file. Saved docx as plain text, that's fine. But no way I could find to continue flow of text at bottom of text block, to continue the flow of text. Think I will stick with PagePlus X9....Reckon this new programme will have to be bargain basement for me to actually purchase it. Sorry Serif, why not improve on PP ???
  7. Formatting etc does not concern me too much BUT I still need to find out how to create COLUMNS usually 3 on an A4 page. Or am I missing something logical?
  8. Aha, that's the rub. Word is a word processor NOT a suitable lengthy paginated publication tool, especially when photos and diagrams have to be imported and text flowed around. Still waiting for info re column guides in Affinity.
  9. 200- 400 pages WOW - thankfully the largest publication I have to lay out is 64 pages. I originally used PageMaker way back in early 1990, then progressed to InDesign but when I became self employed and the version of InDesign I was using would not operate on Win 10, I switched to Page plus X8 then 9 which does more or less everything I need. But nobody has yet told me how to set up column guides in this new Affinity programme. No worries, I am off for a weeks holiday tomorrow, so computer shutting down.
  10. Using P Plus X9 I have had very few problems importing Word docs. Just occasionally part of a document file may port in in Ariel or Times but once highlighted and correct font being used indicated it is fine. My main query not yet answered is HOW to create column guides for, say a 3 col A4 page publication.
  11. I give up - how do I create column guides for such as newsletters - usuall 3 cols per A4 page.
  12. Indeed, I did spot how to change the block of text brought in by copy / paste but it is cumbersome. Beats me = they had a good programme with P Plus, so why not just build on that. The only thing I would have liked in PP is double page view and my copy will not paginate to pdf nor will it create a table of contents! I suppose some whizz kid at the firm has made his mind up to create something newer, but worse!
  13. Copying a text file and pasting into the document is ok but HOW do we change type face / style /;; size? I think for now ki may stick with Page plus X9!!!
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