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  1. Has anyone had a problem emulating the steps in your "Sky Replacement" tutorial using the latest version of desktop PC Affinity Photo? Having tried unsuccessfully using my pair of images one of which is a sky replacement jpg, I'm wondering a bit if i might get the same two photos used by tutorial to try?
  2. Many thanks to both correspondents!!! And I'm going to want to check out the trove of tutorials: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials (200+) I have been using LightRoom on my desktop. I decided to add it to my desktop owing to the existence of this select tool which is absent on LR. While this program can do far more than i envision ever needing, it has some features that I can already wrap my mind around which appear quite useful.
  3. Am unable to increase/decrease the size of the selection tool. I use a Windows 10 (pro) pc and haveAffinity Photo. I am just starting to try to use this product and found a few YouTube tutorials that seemed to justify my adding it to my LightRoom being on my PC. But when I try to use the mouse's scroll wheel to vary the size of the 'circle', the only effect that has is to enlarge/decrease the size of the image i'm working on. Am I not understanding how this works? I saw a reference to a 'flood tool' on a YouTube video. I don't see the icon on my menus. Do I not have the same version (I have
  4. Perhaps this has been resolved somwhere.....LightRoom 6.14 on a Windows 10 PC and Affinity just got installed and interested in seeing how they can inter-operate. Simple, ez2follow steps would be the sought after ideal.