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    MikePK reacted to thegary in Offset path & Type warp   
    We seriously need a OFFSET PATH TOOL and TYPE WARPING.
    Offset path tool in Illustrator is some i use almost everytime i open the software. 
    WE NEED This. ! The expand stroke tool needs some tweaking as well. It produces some strange results.
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    MikePK reacted to DarrenLm in Bleed View   
    Hi - major important feature would have to be bleed view, being able to work out how much bleed is on one edge to the other is important in large exhibition / packaging projects.
    Also be nice to be able to set bleeds up when setting new doc / page all in one place.
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    MikePK reacted to Peter Werner in Link button for Margins and Bleeds   
    These settings are quite often identical for all sides, thus a chainlink button in all the dialogue boxes where these settings show up would save time.