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  1. Wow that really sucks that Softpress went under. They've been around forever. I'll 2nd the recommendation for Blocs 2. I'm going to jump in once they've got support for the upcoming Bootstrap 4. Sparkle is another highly rated visual web creation tool. I think the ideal solution is not to embed Web tools into your DTP app but have an architecture with hooks that can leverage a web module of sorts that is easy to keep updated. Otherwise your app will fall behind once the newest js library takes hold.
  2. Cloud Drive is pretty important for Apple in the near future. While some think of it as simple presenting folder hierarchy for ICloud it has a much more ambitious future. Looking forward to Yosemite launching so I can dig in
  3. I'm mildly surprised that we're still having this conversation. Feels like the late 90's with the same "marketshare" arguments. I tend to choose Mac only developers even if their price is higher than average (Omnigroup) because I do want strong focus on leveraging the unique capabilities of my chosen platform. To me Serifs choice makes sense. The Mac platform has cried out for a capable vector program since Adobe swallowed up Freehand. There's much more to delivering software than writing code. For every platform you choose at a minimum you're looking at the time to write the code, time to QA test the code, expenses in marketing the app to different markets and the costs of supporting users. With Macs you have a fairly insular brand as a developer. You know your GPU are going to be either AMD or Nvidia based product. There's not a whole lot of hardware surprises or funky configurations. Will Serif extend the product to Windows? I'd say it's likely but there's nothing wrong with growing the product and the brand on Macs and when the suite is very stable and mature moving to additional platforms or going mobile.
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