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  1. I have just found that all I needed was a gassian blur from the fx panel - maybe it's worked because it's over the rectangle with the transparency tool - I don't know yet, but a tutorial would be good - there's a lot to remember when taking on something new... so maybe a little tutorial would be helpful to others. I'd searched and searched - maybe I'm asking for the wrong thing.... but my (thought) process might be helpful to you as it's taken me a looooooooong time to find what I need because I'm trying to do it through the transparency. (The PPX idea didn't work either!) I didn't want kind people wasting time replying either, so hopped back on to say I'd sorted it.
  2. I have been going mad trying to "feather" - so easy in PPX! I've tried all sorts of things and can't crack it - I still have a hard edge with an elliptical on a square/oblong rectangle tool. I've put it behind my script and thought this morning I would try 2 masks over each other to soften all the edges - most you can see a hard edge even if it's lighter. It's a lot of messing around, and worthy of throwing a party at the end if I ever get it! I've tried both the transparency tool and the fill tools. I'm a capable user of PPX but not trained in graphics, so I learn as I go. Doing a 20pp booklet at present so really want it to work. I thought I'd try in APub to get used to working with it, but I'm tearing my hair out a bit. I just want a simple white to nothing even fade-out as a background for some script boxes to lighten the master background - and without a hard edge. The feather in PPX is all I really need. I thought I just didn't understand, but it seems others way more experienced can't achieve it either. Something for Serif to add to the build perhaps? (yes, we are a demanding lot! It's still way better than the letraset days! lol) I'm thinking of making up a couple of background frames in PPX, saving as a png, and using in APub....... probably the best way with the least time expended ATM. J.
  3. Hi, After installing the lastest publisher update, I am finding it keeps shutting down in front of my eyes (but your recovered files are pretty good!). There is no rhyme or reason to this. It has also become much slower, and sits forever saving sometimes. I have defragged and cleaned up to see if it was something else, but it doesn't appear to help. I am making a practice of shutting the computer down periodically, but it shouldn't be a memory problem. I am not sure if I can go back to the previous version, which was working fine? One other thing, which may not be for this forum, is when it tells me I have lost some linked files upon opening a document, and asks if I'd like to link them, if I say yes, it comes up with a window, but it DOES NOT tell me WHICH are the missing files or links? I have just been telling it NO and it seems to be going OK and all there, but I have no idea what it's wanting to find, or how to tell. Thanks.
  4. In attempting to install the latest beta I am getting the above message. I haven't tried shutting down the computer yet and doing a reinstall - will try that later, but just reporting it FYI. Screenshot attached. Regards. JennyWren
  5. JennyWren

    Templates & Asset Packs

    Yes, another user of PPX - and love the easy templates - it is often a great shortcut to starting a project.
  6. I am just beginning to use Affinity Publisher, being a Serif X9 (and earlier versions) user for some time. One thing I find very handy is being able to insert a page which is a copy of a previous page. In the Page Manager it doesn't appear to give me the same options as X9 does, ie to choose to "copy layers from" a specified page, with option to include the master page. Perhaps I just can't find it???? - but I can't find more than just adding a page and applying a master - and I can't find on the search - maybe I'm not searching for the right thing though? Love your work Serif! Thanks for the publisher beta.

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