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  1. Will Affinity photo continue to develop Photo to allow for more plugin filters? I see Mac is really limited to what is compatible.
  2. This "proprietary file format" can't be opened and edited or customized for export for personal use or offered for downloading to other users? Ok, they are afbrushes presets as opposed to abr or nib.
  3. Out of curiosity, what file format are Affinity brushes presets? And can you export into other graphic applications such as Corel Painter or Photoshop? Can you edit the extensions to make them interchangeable?
  4. Hey all- I am an avid Plugin user within my artwork as well as a custom photoshop brush creator and user. My questions pertain to the use of 3rd party plugins within the Affinity applications. Not only do I use every plugin from NiK, I also use every plugin from KPT and AutoFX. Creating and exporting presets for others to use and download. I likewise do so for .abr brush presets within Photoshop 7-CS5 and Elements. I also create custom nibs within Photo-paint and older Coreldraw Essentials applications. Are these plugins compatible within the Affinity applications? I also use a whole host of other 3rd party freebie plugins to include Greg's pool shadow filter and namesupressed's softener plugin. Do any of you have these plugins installed within the Affinity applications? I am searching for a new host program other than Adobe's crappy rental software and the cloud based rental fee. I am also curious if Affinity will be reliable on the new Mac OS Mojave when it is released?

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